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Altronix NetWay8 Eight-port PoE Midspan
Altronix NetWay8 Eight-port PoE Midspan
  • Supplier: Altronix
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 07/20/2009
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Product Specifications
  • NetWay8 Midspans provide power for PoE compliant cameras. They are available with eight or sixteen ports in a space saving 1U EIA 19-inch rack mount chassis which may be rack or shelf mounted. Cameras may be located up to 100m (328 ft.) from the NetWay unit. A NetWayXT repeater module can be utilized to extend the distance an additional 100m (328 ft.) for a total range 200m (656 ft.). Additionally, NetWay Midspans are capable of supporting conventional fixed and PTZ IP cameras by utilizing NetWay1512 or NetWay3012 splitter/adapters.

    * Eight (8) ports of video over ethernet (CAT5) cable up to a distance of up to 100m (328 ft.) per port.
    * Two (2) ports are selectable for 30W to accomodate network PTZ cameras (requires NetWay3012 adapter for each camera port).
    * 115VAC 50/60Hz, 2 amp input.
    * Primary fuse (internal) is rated at 5 amp/250V.
    * Unit provides up to 15.4W max. power per channel.
    * IEEE 802.3af compliant.
    * Short circuit protection.
    * Illuminated master power disconnect circuit breaker with manual reset.
    * Individual port status LEDs.
    * IEC 320 - 3-wire grounded line cord (detachable).
    * Unit can be rack or shelf mounted.
    * 1U rack mount chassis for use in standard EIA 19-inch rack.