Product Profile
Idesco 9 CD 2.0 Slim Pin T reader

Idesco 9 CD 2.0 Slim Pin T reader

  • Supplier: Idesco
  • Region: Finland
  • Updated: 2019/12/06
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Product Specifications
  • RFID front end device enables the host to use flexibly all the features of CLRC663 Plus RF Chip. It complies with ANSSI Level 1 Architecture. ANSSI  is a French access control security authority, and its Level 1 Architecture is recommended for organizations requiring the highest system security. 


  • Separate Microcontroller for IO controls such as LEDs, tamper, buzzer and pin pad

  • Separate switch for selecting the RF IC or microcontroller control

  • Multi-technology support

  • Excellent MIFARE DESFire reader for high security settings

  • Keypad provides an option for enhancing security by personal pin codes