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5G LTE Live Streaming Mini Camera
Source: CIU
Date: 2021/04/20
CBW-5G Wearable 5G Mini Camera DVR comes with small 5G transmitter DVR and a wearable Full HD 2MP mini camera packed in a portable pouch bag.
The 5G mobile surveillance system able to transmit live video simultaneously over multiple aggregated connections, including cellular 3G/4G/LTE/5G, WiFi and dynamically adapts video bit rates according to network bandwidth fluctuations. The 5G mobile video streaming solution is designed for broadcast live video for contribution over bonded IP networks (4G/5G) from any location around the world without sacrificing performance, feature functionality or picture quality. The backpack 5G portable transmitter supports H.264 compression standard to deliver premium video quality with less data usage, and low end-to-end latency.
5G transmitter supports 5G 4G LTE bands, Wi-Fi and GPS so a control center can view CBW-5G’s real-time live streaming by 5G 4G LTE and receive live GPS data is also available from CBW-5G. You can view live video through our app and a control center can use their VMS like Milestone, ONVIF, Genetec to work with our 5G 4G LTE camera transmitter to view live video and capture photos. Our system is suitable for various applications and projects like for firefighters, for ambulances and so on. Trail orders are acceptable.
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