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Antaira announce Serial to Fiber STF-500C series
Source: Antaira Asia
Date: 2013/11/14
In traditional solutions for Serial Device networking, users can choose RS-485 repeaters to extend the 1.2KM transmission distance limitation, or increase the number of required Serial Devices connected to the system. In some cases, Serial Repeaters can also be used to combine several RS-485 networks into a more complex network. The drawback, however, of using the Serial Repeater is that each extension will still have the 1.2KM transmission distance limitation and the serial signals would have a chance to be corrupted by the effects of electromagnetic interference.
In order to overcome these issues, Antaira’s Industrial Serial-to-Fiber Media Converters provide solutions at half or full duplex over fiber at a throughput rate up to 1024Kbps. The fiber lines are inherently resistant to EMI/RFI and transient surges, in order to prevent electrical or radio interference. Plus these solutions allow data signal transmission distance extension of up to 30 kilometers.
Antaira’s Industrial STF-401C, STF-501C, and STF-502C (Serial-to-Fiber) Media Converter series are designed to extend data transmission distance by Optical Fiber media, and provide built-in high grade data secure protection in ESD and EMI.
Antaira’s STF-401C, STF-501C, and STF-502C series are available with both Multi-mode and Single-mode fiber and SC or ST type connectors. This flexibility allows users to setup their Serial Fiber Network into different topologies:
- Point-to-Point Connection Mode
- Single Ring Connection Mode in Half Duplex
- Self-Healing Dual Ring Redundant Connection Mode in full duplex
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