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2014 High performance serial to fiber
Source: Antaira Asia
Date: 2013/11/12
The STF-500C series is built to withstand industrial networking hazards like shock, drop, vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and temperature extremes. Version options in a standard 0 ~ 60°C model range or an extended -40 ~ 75°C range are available. It secures asynchronous RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 serial data transmissions over EMI resistant fiber at speeds up to 1024kbps.

This series provides Single (STF-501C series) or Dual (STF-502C series) Fiber Port models with SC or ST type fiber options in Multi-mode 2Km, or Single-mode 30Km solutions. It is designed with Advanced Features to provide High Performance solutions to customers, including:

o Data Protection:
o Built-in RS485 auto detection feature
o 15KV ESD Protection and 2.5KV Isolation protection
o 10 position Rotary Switch for RS422/485 Pull high/low feature.
o Secure Serial Network:
o STF-501C model supports Point-to-Point application, One Way Daisy Chain, and Ring Topology Fiber Network in Half Duplex solutions
o STF-502C model supports Applications such as:
? Point-to-Point solutions with Single Duplex Fiber connection (without Protection), or Dual Duplex Fiber connection (with Fiber Protection)
? Daisy Chain solution with Duplex Fiber connection
? Full Duplex Redundancy Serial Fiber Network with Dual Fiber connections
o Easy Maintenance:
o STF-500C series supports relay output for power or link failure warning
o Front LED indicators will allow user to easily monitor for any Power, TD/RD, or Fiber Link failure.

Key Features:
? Media conversion for Serial RS232, or 422/485 into Fiber
? Extend serial transmission distance up to 2km, 30km
? Supports Point-to-Point, fiber daisy chain or ring topology network design
? Secure Serial Fiber Network with Single or Dual Duplex Fiber connection
? 3 way Optical Isolation up to 2.5KV for serial signal protection
? Dual Fiber Redundant Serial Fiber Ring Network support
? Fan-less and DIN-Rail design for harsh industrial environments
? Adjustable pull high/low resistor and terminator for RS-422/485 transmission
? Dual Redundant Power Input

Applications include:
? High Serial Isolation Protection for Outdoor Equipment data extension in ITS Signaling, or VMS
? Dual Fiber Ring Redundancy Serial Network in Firm Alarm Panel control
? EMI resistant for IEDs data transmission in Substation Automation
? Industrial Control in Process Control Automation, such as WWTP and Oil/Gas/Mining

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