50 Rising Stars 2013 - China Special Supplement

Source: Anson
Date: 2013/12/13
Anson, an innovative technology company, has focused all its energy on creating a security
management platform suitable for the global security market. With NSR (network security recorder)
as hardware base and NSM (network security management) as the core, Anson has created an
integrated security management system for various locations in need of security. NSRs are the
future trend of security.

Two Trump Cards: NSR & NSM
As the inventor of NSR and NSM for global security, Anson has been a player in the security industry for over 10 years. Early on, Anson’s access control, card reader, smart card, and CCTV camera products received recognition in overseas markets. As the security industry continues to develop, mature, and become more integrated, in 2012 Anson’s R&D came out with revolutionary new products—NSR and NSM.
These products will undoubtedly open a new chapter in integrated management for the security industry.

NSR: All-in-One Security NSR is a device which integrates multiple security technologies with data storage and data processing. It is the first in the world to unify surveillance, alarm, intercom, and recording in a single, embedded platform. Aside from the features of video surveillance, access control, snapshot management, and alarm monitoring, the device also boasts data recording and management of all the aforementioned features. NSR represents an innovative technology as it alone is capable of replacing traditional DVRs, NVRs, access control, intercom, alarm, and attendance devices. The unification of multiple security technologies not only saves on investment and cabling costs, but also brings precision to the centralized management of video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems.
NSM: Security Systems Management Platform

NSM is Anson’s latest centralized security systems management platform. It integrates video surveillance, maps, and the management of access control, parking lot and attendance, etc. under a centralized platform and processing system. With the TCP/IP protocol enabled, NSM can integrate all of Anson’s NSR models and other security devices on the market, including NVRs, DVRs, access controllers, and alarm control panels. The modular design gives NSM flexibility, allowing the end users to customize the system according
to application and security requirements. Major verticals for NSR and NSM are power/telecommunications, enterprise, and retail. In Dubai, NSR and NSM are also performing well in the banking sector.
Business Trajectory: Product Upgrades, Developed Markets
After the successful launching of NSR a year ago, Anson plans to introduce NSRⅡ this year. NSRⅡ will incorporate a network interface, in addition to the existing NSR features. It will be able to manage up to 20 card readers and access points, and accommodate up to 16 channels of HD video to meet the HD requirements of the European and North American markets. At the same time, NSRⅡ fully supports 3G to enable mobile management through smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. Furthermore, NSRⅡ is ergonomically designed for optimal human-machine efficiency. Small, compact, but powerful, NSRⅡ does away with NVRs, DVRs, alarms, and access control devices and is thus very competitively priced. In operation, the NSRⅡ offers a much more seamless operation by removing headaches associated cabling, locating devices, centralizing data, and compatibility as it is ONVIF certified.

Global Marketing
The Anson brand is technologically driven and targets the overseas market at the onset. Accordingly, Anson as been planting its roots in the European nd North American markets over the last decade. Currently, the company has strong distribution channels in the U.S., the U.K., France, Italy, Poland, and several other countries. In North America, in particular, Anson has already established branch offices with several of its partners to better service end users.

With its wealth of experience and understanding of developed markets, Anson plans to expand the company’s reach to countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and other hot emerging Asian countries during the second half of this year and the following year. In support, Anson offers comprehensive literature such as user manuals on product, installation, and technology. Anson also offers online training and follows up on the progress.

Product Innovation Never Sleeps
Anson not only manufactures products, but disseminate its security philosophy. Hence, in the opinion of the company’s General Manager, Zhao Bin, NSR represents an innovation that will steer the security industry in a new direction. The unification of security products under a single device w i l l not only alter the way products are designed and manufactured, but also change the way end users approach and use security devices. Anson will continue its commitment and focus on R&D to bring innovative technologies to the market. The company will gradually launch the third and fourth generations of NSR, while continuing to focus on product differentiation, customer experience, user interface, and cultural requirements.

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NSR= DVR+ Alarm + Access Control