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Install the automatic bollard tips

Source: Shanghai Angel DP Co., Ltd-bollard
Date: 2013/01/07
It will be better if setting a drainage system when install automatic bollard, because that will be useful for extending the bollards utility time and life time.

Create a French drain that will accommodate the type of subsoil on the site. The drain should equal the measurements of the lost casing plus 8-12 inches or 200-300 mm. At the bottom of the hole, DOT approved geotextile may be used.Ballast should then be poured until it is 10 inches or 250 mm thick. The drain must be able to absorb approximately 5 US gallons or 20 liters of water in 5 minutes. If the subsoil is not permeable enough, connect the drain to the rainwater system, to a sump pump, or other, depending on availability and local codes.
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