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AG Neovo
AG Neovo Displays to Serve Taipei Metro’s Xinyi Line
Source: AG neovo
Date: 2013/05/23
AG Neovo, a leading supplier of security and surveillance displays, is proud to have won recognition as a trustworthy partner of public transporters in many parts of the world. This honour is doubled in its home base: AG Neovo is chosen by Taipei Metro to provide the displays it needs for a new route—the Xinyi Line.

After eight years of construction, the Xinyi Line is due to become operational at the end of the year. Intended as the second high-capacity metro route traversing the city from east to west, it is expected to serve 120,000 passengers each day. More than just easing the accustomed congestion along the Banqiao Line, it will help diversify the passenger load weighing on the entire metro network.

At the Xinyi Line's seven stations, 25 units of AG Neovo's SX-19P are assigned to information desks where staffers on duty are supposed to browse surveillance images and train information. On the platform is the RX-W32 (a total of 41 units) that enables the conductor to monitor the safety of passengers getting on and off.

AG Neovo is known for its adaptability to the designated environment. Crafted to stay on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, both models come with components sufficiently protected against high voltage surges, a scenario not uncommon for Taipei Metro.

Furthermore, train-rail friction tends to cause fine particles of dust that readily fall on and become attached to the displays. The RX-W32 is thus equipped with metal casing, a glass-protected panel and heat emission holes pointing downwards. This last feature, in defiance of the law of heat naturally going up, is designed to prevent dust ingression and its blocking of heat emission.

In addition to offering extra panel protection and rendering ultra-clear images, AG Neovo’s proprietary NeoV? Optical Glass technology makes possible low glare and reflection. To further ensure their nonstop functionality, the displays come with Anti-Burn-in? technology to prevent screen burn, or better known as ghosting.

"We are glad to play a part in ensuring an efficient Xinyi Line and keeping passengers safe," says Maggie Chao, Vice President of AG Neovo. "Above all, Taipei Metro has little to worry about when it comes to maintenance of AG Neovo displays—they are built not only to perform but also to last."
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