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AG Neovo Launches Wide Variety of Display Mounts

Source: AG neovo
Date: 2013/02/27
AG Neovo has brought to market a rich selection of new display mounts that promise to excel in ceiling, wall or desk applications. As an expert of professional displays, it knows what mount solution suits its designated environment.

Made of steel, the sturdy CMP-01 ceiling-mount pole is crafted specifically for public environments. In installation, users are given not only height adjustability but also the flexibility of 360° swiveling so as to determine the best viewing angle. In conjunction with its wall-mounting siblings LMK-01, LMK-02, and WMK-03, it is intended for many sizes of LCD displays—from 15” to 65”.

Also intended for wall mounting, the LMA-01 and WMA-01 are both adjustable arms. The former is intended for large-sized displays, and the latter, small- to medium-sized ones. Both can be tilted, swiveled, extended, or contracted to seek out the desired viewing angle.

In terms of desk mounting, the clamp-based DMC-01 features an interactive arm with two joints that maximizes its swiveling, tilt, height, and rotation flexibility. This brings users in homes, offices, and other multiuser environments economical use of space and ergonomic comfort from virtually any viewing angle.

Designed for those who prefer desk stands to clamps, the height-adjustable ES-02 also comes with swiveling, tilt, and rotation versatility.

Presentation of multiple images on the desk is often needed on many occasions. For desktop multitasking that calls for minimal space, AG Neovo also has an array of dual and quadruple desk mounts: DMC-02D, DMS-01D, and DMS-01Q.

AG Neovo is a display professional that knows what accessory goes with a particular environment. Its display mounts share much in common: a rugged structure accentuated by sturdy materials that ensure their durability and reliability. With the need for space kept to a minimum, they can also provide ergonomic comfort from all practical viewing angles.
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