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ACTi Deep Learning AI Solutions

Source: Zachary Nantz
Date: 2024/02/20
ACTi Deep Learning AI Solutions
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ACTi Corporation, the well-known Taiwan brand, has been one of the video surveillance technology leaders in the industry for over 20 years. The focus of the technological evolution has been gradually shifting from excellent video quality towards understanding the video by using artificial intelligence.
ACTi has achieved two major breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence – creating smart cameras that utilize deep learning AI features and making the extremely accurate AI to be affordable without requiring any software licenses for that.


Deep learning AI is available in several ACTi quality-driven cameras, including PTZ, Zoom Bullet, Zoom Dome and Zoom Multi-Imager cameras. All these smart cameras come with zoom lenses with auto focus, that ensures the clearest possible video image and therefore the most accurate analytics results as well.
A few examples of the models containing Deep Learning AI are: A426, A826, A952, A956, Q83.
Each of those cameras contains the wide range of analytic capabilities, including Face Recognition, Automatic License Plate Recognition, Face Detection, People Detection, People Tracking, Loitering Detection, Intrusion Detection, Crowd Detection, Vehicle Detection, Traffic Jam Detection, Vehicle Incorrect Direction Detection, and more.


All these cameras can be connected to ACTi NVR 3 software and ACTi CMS software. As the cameras are doing all the AI computing, there is no burden on the server side at all, and therefore hundreds or even thousands of AI-powered cameras can be connected to the ACTi VMS system. ACTi also provides a wide range of standalone NVR servers for worry-free hardware management for this AI solution.

Popular Applications

Face Recognition and Automatic License Plate Recognition are popular applications for school campuses, commercial buildings, and government buildings. The security personnel will be able to know instantly when the blacklisted person or the vehicle appears in front of any of the hundreds of cameras.
Vehicle detection is used to notify the security or police in the areas that are used by pedestrians exclusively, such as parks and city squares. People detection is used to alert when a person appears on the freeway or other areas designated for vehicles only. An early response can prevent serious accidents. At the same time, the above-mentioned detections can be used for any restricted zones where trespassing is prohibited.
Crowd detection and loitering detection can assist the police or campus security to notice the irregularities in the area. Both irregularities may often lead to incidents, such as criminal activity, fights or any other unwanted behavior.


Hundreds of channels with deep learning analytics can be managed by a single VMS server, using just a common server hardware configuration. The Server-based AI solutions have limited number of channels and require very expensive hardware.
VMS video recording functionality is much better secured when the VMS does not have the burden of running the analytics that may consume the server resource to its limits.
Faster response to the events – AI cameras can control the other nearby PTZ cameras for instant response, to get better video coverage of the scene. The analyses that are processed on the VMS side will be too slow for proper response.
Since the AI features are inside the camera, there are no Analytics related licenses required on the server side. Therefore, the cost of VMS in some cases is up to 10 times lower than the server-side AI solutions.

Most Affordable AI Products

ACTi AI product line is not limited to deep learning AI cameras. There are nearly 100 ACTi camera models available today with several built-in machine learning analytics functions. Many of those models are with the compact size and have a fixed lens - these are sold today with the best promotion prices, in order to increase the reach of ACTi AI camera solutions to various markets regardless of the budget, such as retail, education, healthcare, residential.
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