AREAWELL Networks Inc.
AREAWELL Networks Inc.
Company Info
AREAWELL Networks Inc. Was founded in 2012, is currently AREA Energy Inc. belongs affiliates, formerly Communications Sector. AREAWELL Networks Inc. positions itself as a digital network integrated services leader through innovation and more sophisticated networking solutions technology to provide data, voice and video hardware and software integration services and product development. But also energy-saving products for the smart home automation and real-time positioning for the monitoring market to provide an effective solution. Such as Wi-Fi structure location tracking of personnel, equipment, employee safety monitoring and cloud technology combines the wisdom of power saving products.

As the market is more mature solution for the growing technology needs, AREAWELL Networks Inc. committed to creating the next generation of cloud applications and network integration technology used in the progressive development of further products. AREAWELL Networks Inc.''s goal is to provide a broader commitment to the next generation network solutions, integrating cloud network platform to provide high quality, high reliability and price decent product, while the pursuit of carbon reduction environmental aspirations.
Basic Profile
Country Taiwan
City Taipei
Address 4F-3, No. 2, Lane 258, Rui Guang Rd., Neihu Dist.
Business Nature Manufacturer
Contact Person Jack Chen
Product Range
Building Automation, Home Automation