Company Info
We, 4NSYS CO., LTD are developing technology and products for upgrading the multimedia industry in 21st centry based on the creation and challenging mind and, to be the winning company not just left as a survival company in rapidly changing market.

We astonished the market by developing Moving picture compression ASIC chip for the first time in Korea in 1998. Based on such a high-technology and digital image compression skills, we developed the Settop Box Type DVR for the first time in this industry field in the 2nd half of the year 2000.

We 4NSYS CO., LTD will lead the market and extend future-oriented wide range of multimedia business by supporting the most competitive and accumulated technical know-how.

We would appreciate to your continuous advice and interest in our company.
Basic Profile
Country Korea
City seoul
Address 9f donghwa bldg. 25-5, yoido-d
Business Nature
Contact Person Doo Ra Lee
Product Range
IP Surveillance, Key Components