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Key Components, CCTV, IP Camera, Management Platform, Home Automation
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  • Country: Singapore
  • City: Singapore
  • Address: 182 Cecil Street, #23-02 Frasers Tower
  • Contact Person: Lingzhu A4x Team

Company Introduction
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A4x provides PaaS/SaaS services for vision-based IoT devices on a worldwide scale. Our service is specialized in vision-based IoT device use cases, connecting brand owners, manufacturers, resellers, and end-users all over the world. Our mission is to build, link the IoT devices and empower them to t... Read Details
Press Releases
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Use-Case: How AI-Enabled Cameras Can Help to Upgrade Your Home’s Security

Date: 2021/06/17
To most of us, AI, artificial intelligence, is nothing but a chic word from news reports, or some future-like figure from science fiction. It was, but not anymore. Actually, AI applications can be really helpful in the everyday life. Simply put, it is the skills of computers that imitate human being. The research of AI includes several sub-fields, and each direction can provide practical values. Here we are mainly talking about the application of computer vision AI in home security. Does ... Read Details