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Production efficiency improved by beyond security applications

Production efficiency improved by beyond security applications

Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom, a&s International | Updated: 1/14/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Production efficiency is improving organization and effectiveness in a production facility as well as saving manufacturers time wasted due to errors and money lost due to mistakes. For these reasons, automotive manufacturers are taking advantage of the beyond security applications of video surveillance cameras in their production facilities. Manufacturers are now employing their key capabilities, such as high resolution and interoperability, to help increase efficiency and decrease wastefulness.

Production Efficiency Saves Time and Money
The automotive industry has many stringent requirements when it comes to production processes. Safety must come first when it comes to parts and assembly. Therefore, it is crucial that even the slightest defects be caught before becoming part of a finished product.

Meticulous inspection of a production line, however, can be costly and time consuming, therefore efficiency is key.

The use of video surveillance cameras, for security applications, on the production line to improve efficiency is not a new concept. Nevertheless, as manufacturers become more aware of their benefits and their ability to be equally effective when it comes to improving production efficiency, more manufacturers are looking toward this solution.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Cameras
Traditionally, industrial cameras have been used in manufacturing settings for quality assurance and process control applications. Similarly, video surveillance cameras have typically been used for their video surveillance abilities — monitoring people, ensuring that there are no personnel in restricted zones, recording daily happenings, etc. “Video surveillance ensures safety rules are being followed, tools and equipment are handled properly, and that production personnel comply with defined processes at all times,” said Andrea Sorri, Business Development Director at Axis Communications. However, it has become increasingly more common for manufacturers to combine the use of industrial cameras with network surveillance cameras in manufacturing facilities — classical industrial cameras are used for inspection tasks and network surveillance cameras for process monitoring, according to Ingo Lewerendt, Strategic Business Development Manager at Basler. It is these beyond security applications of video surveillance cameras that have gotten the attention of automotive manufacturers.

Wendi Burke, Director of Marketing at IQinVision, pointed out that “cameras don't take a break, don't have bad days, don't get distracted or fall asleep, they're always on, always performing.” This makes video surveillance cameras, particularly high-resolution HD cameras, extremely beneficial to manufacturers in helping catch costly manufacturing defects and other problems before the problems are repeated.

In a similar way to how video surveillance is used in the automotive industry to enhance production efficiency, IQinVision's high-megapixel cameras have been used in the steel industry. Faults in manufacturing are costly mistakes for steel makers.

Therefore, the Ellwood Group, a US-based steel manufacturer, deployed 250 IQinVision megapixel cameras throughout their 10 manufacturing facilities to not only help with video surveillance, but also with identifying problems during production.

Convenient Integration with Network Cameras
Since a standard IP infrastructure is used in most manufacturing facilities, network surveillance cameras that are built on an open platform can be integrated into a facility's existing system. This is a big advantage of using a network surveillance camera, as pointed out by Sorri. “Network cameras can be easily integrated into industrial manufacturing environments such as production lines to automatically perform visual inspections, to monitor production line efficiency, and to enable remote assistance for maintenance.”

Additionally, network surveillance cameras can support intelligent video processing and video analytics on the edge, they can also be utilized to perform visual inspections for a specific step in a production line, alert the manufacturer to labels missing, caps not positioned correctly, or missing solder.

Another advantage of network surveillance cameras pointed out by Sorri, is that they “can be easily integrated into industrial manufacturing environments such as production lines to automatically perform visual inspections, to monitor production line efficiency, and to enable remote assistance for maintenance.

With over 12,000 employees and annual production surpassing 375,000 units in 2012, this idea of visual inspection was implemented by Axis at the SEAT factory in Martorell, Barcelona, Spain.

In 2011, the SEAT factory became the production house of the Audi Q3, the first luxury car assembled in Spain. The use of barcodes in automotive factories to keep track of parts during the production process is standard. At the SEAT factory, they wanted to take extra measures to avoid delays and facilitate workflow. As a result, over 100 Axis cameras were implemented to complement the existing barcode scanning system for a visual verification system. By taking images of the barcodes that were identified as possibly containing errors, which were then sent to an emergency data-entry computer, the system provides visual verification that serves as a backup to the scanned barcodes. With images of the barcodes, in the event of a barcode scanning error, vehicles do not have to be physically moved by operators in order to be re-scanned. Additionally, the cameras were also used to monitor the transport of car bodies throughout the facility.

Streamlining with Video Management Software
After cameras are in place, that is where video management software (VMS) comes in to help manage, access, and control the images and recordings; however, its usefulness in the automotive industry has helped to not only do the aforementioned tasks, but also streamline and improve the production process.

When Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK was looking to improve production efficiency at their facility, they sought a solution that could not only be integrated with their current set up, but also with over 300 network cameras from various manufacturers to monitor production lines and their facility. Nissan UK has always used machine vision tools, including highly specialized industrial cameras used to inspect individual processes to decide whether the correct part is in its exact location, take precise measurements, and act as “eyes” for the robots. However, these cameras do not give an overall view of a process, as they are designed to focus on one specific movement or task. In order to get a fuller picture, Nissan UK decided to deploy network cameras and Milestone's VMS.

The open nature of Milestone's VMS gave Nissan UK the freedom to view footage from cameras from different manufacturers and capture process faults with live-video monitoring and provide instant recording and playback. This helped Nissan UK prevent production issues and eliminate causes of temporary stoppage on their production lines.

Additionally, the convenience of being able to access images from the cameras via a PC, as well as the ability to compare two videos side-by-side to examine how different employees work on a process, made management of the facility easier.

The overall benefits of the VMS helped to not only improve both the quality and efficiency of Nissan UK's facility, but also gave them a system that could grow with the facility.

To Efficiency and Beyond
Efficiency in any industry is important, but in a competitive, high production industry like the automotive industry, efficiency is paramount to a facility's success. While “lean” practices help manufacturers in all industries reduce waste and boost effectiveness, the additional beyond security benefits of traditional security products, such as network surveillance cameras and VMS, have proven that the security industry is not just about catching intruders and controlling access. Offering additional benefits like production efficiency and workflow management shows that applications of the security industry are endless.

Axis to display extensive portfolio of products at Intersec 2014

Axis to display extensive portfolio of products at Intersec 2014

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 1/14/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Axis Communications confirmed that its co-founder Martin Gren, who is widely credited with inventing the first ever network camera will be attending INTERSEC 2014. As a major participating exhibitor during the event taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from January 19 to 21 2014, Axis will focus on displaying its extensive portfolio of products as well as emphasizing its position as a global leader in the international security and surveillance arena.

In addition to its award-winning Lightfinder technology demonstrations, Axis will be presenting both recent and upcoming product releases from its diverse selection of network cameras (fixed network, fixed dome network, PTZ, covert, thermal, panoramic, HD and megapixel, as well as outdoor cameras), encoders and accessories. The stand will also showcase solutions available to key market industries including retail, banking, transportation, city surveillance, education, oil and gas and other government driven initiatives such as:
* The robust Q87-E network camera series offering thermal, PTZ and HDTV all in one. Ideal for customers that encounter mission-critical surveillance scenarios that demand 24-hour monitoring of restricted areas.
* The new top of the line Q60 range of cameras that are ideal for the harsh environments of the region and are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 75 degrees Celsius.
* The first fully featured, bullet-style outdoor-ready network camera Q1765-LE Network Camera offering full HD image quality, 18x optical zoom and built-in IR illumination.
* The P5414 PTZ network camera with an intelligent direct drive pan/tilt system for unsurpassed mechanical endurance. This, together with other hardware innovations, has resulted in an attractively priced, uniquely designed HDTV 720p PTZ dome with 18x optical zoom for outdoor wall-mount surveillance sites.
* The AXIS Q1614 and AXIS Q1614-E high frame rate fixed network cameras designed to capture quick movements in HD quality in demanding lighting conditions.

Speaking about their participation at the event, Marwan Khoury, Marketing Manager, Axis Communications, for the Middle East and Africa, said: “INTERSEC is the largest and most influential trade event for Axis in the region and also one of the biggest for us from a global perspective. This year we have magnified our presence to reflect the ever increasing importance of this region to the company. Going forward we expect to see strong growth across the UAE and the GCC as a whole with some exciting announcements anticipated throughout 2014 and of course the recent announcement of the Dubai Expo 2020 bid elevates Dubai to a whole new level.”

Khoury continued: “We are honored to have Martin Gren, our co-founder, with us throughout the event and his presence here also serves to demonstrate Axis' commitment to the Middle East region. During INTERSEC 2014 we are expecting to see an even larger influx of visitors to the Show from around the world; thus providing many opportunities to not only interact with existing and new clients but also enable us to attract new partners to our Channel Partner Program.”

Joining the Axis stand will be six technology partners:
* EMC: EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way.
* Ipsotek: Ipsotek is the world leader in Scenario-based Video Analytics and is expert across a wide range of applications in both the commercial and public sectors. Deployments include: perimeter protection, intrusion detection, investigation & forensics, traffic and crowd management, and operations management. The patented scenario-based approach allows multiple behaviour descriptions to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences, and it is these scenario combinations that create an exact description of the target behaviour, thereby giving dependable real alerts and dramatically reduced false alarms.
* Firetide: Firetide is a longtime Axis technology partner and the leading provider of wireless infrastructure mesh networks that enable concurrent video, voice, and data applications for municipal, public safety, government, transportation, and industrial customers worldwide. With thousands of successful installations in over 40 countries, the Firetide wireless infrastructure mesh network redefines where and how live media, data, and services are delivered from source to final destination.
* Raytec: Raytec are world leaders in manufacturing Infra-Red and White-Light LED lighting for CCTV and general area illumination. All Raytec illuminators improve the performance of any security system at night, delivering excellent images, long life, low running costs and zero maintenance. Raytec has over 40 years of experience in designing, specifying and selling lighting directly to over 60 countries, and all Raytec products are UK designed and manufactured.
* QNAP: QNAP Security, headquartered in Taiwan, is the world's first Linux-embedded NVR developer that has leveraged its award-winning storage and RAID technologies to offer the reliable and high performance NVR (VioStor NVR). QNAP Security's spirit of continuous innovation makes it provide professional surveillance solutions with various market-fresh applications, such as HD local display, browser-based multi-server remote monitoring and playback IVA.
* Aimetis - Aimetis Corp. is a Waterloo, Canada-based Software Company offering integrated intelligent video management solutions for security surveillance and business intelligence applications. Founded in 2003, the company is a global leader in intelligent video technology and is propelling the adoption of video analytics as an integral component of video management solutions. Aimetis has distributors and certified partners in over 100 countries and serves a variety of industries, including retail, transportation and others.

Axis safeguards Anhui Broadcast and Television Center with HDTV surveillance

Axis safeguards Anhui Broadcast and Television Center with HDTV surveillance

Editor / Provider: Axis | Updated: 1/13/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

The new Anhui Broadcast and Television Center is located on Huaining Road in the new government and culture district of Hefei, China, closely neighboring the scenic area of Swan Lake Center. As a symbolic modern building in Hefei, it is a first-class broadcast and television construction project in Anhui's communications and culture system, featuring the largest scale, biggest investment, most complete functionalities, and latest technical equipment. The Center's studio, which is the largest in China, will be put into use on October 1, 2014. The Center's video surveillance system required the most up-to-the-date monitoring equipment and system integration approach, to provide an advanced, mature and stable network surveillance system, as well as a security system that is cost-effective, advanced, easy to use, and highly scalable.

In this project, the Center chose Axis' professional network surveillance products, including AXIS P1344, AXIS P1346 and AXIS P3304 Network Cameras. AXIS P1344 supports 720p resolution and multiple H.264 video streams, providing the users with superior image quality, while substantially reducing the bandwidth and storage use, resulting in cost savings for the customer. It provides the Wide Dynamic Range and day/night functionality, allowing for accurately revivifying all details on the viewing scenes whether it is day time or at night.

In addition, AXIS P1344 offers remote zoom, enabling great convenience and easy installation, without the need for a lot of time and efforts in selecting the mounting positions for the cameras,

I AXIS P1346 and AXIS P1344, part of the AXIS P13 Network Cameras Series, always provide the stable and outstanding video quality in any and all environments. The difference is that AXIS P1346 offers video resolution of up to 3 megapixel, in combination with the unique and revolutionary P-Iris control, enabling the camera to set the best iris position for optimal image qualities. AXIS P3304, a small form factor universal dome, offers multiple H.264 video streams that can be individually configured to optimize the bandwidth and storage use, while at the same time ensuring the image quality.

In the implementation of the entire project, no single Axis camera ever failed. For the nearly half year of operation, the whole system has showcased great stability, superior image quality, low code rate, and many more benefits, which are appreciated by the users. As the project construction continues, more devices and facilities will be put into use, and the plug and play that Axis products offer fully addresses the users' demand for system scalabilities and upgrades. Also, the system may build on the powerful background software-based management platform to expand into a larger scale at any time. Axis' network cameras with excellent performance and solutions are highly recognized by the users in the commercial building industry again.

LILIN supplies forest retreat center with integrated IP security system

LILIN supplies forest retreat center with integrated IP security system

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 1/13/2014 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

1 of the largest Tibetan Buddhist-based spiritual retreat centers located just an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 2012 and has been undergoing multiple construction phases continuously. The beautiful retreat center is a place for anyone desires to seek spiritual solace and for those who wish to have some time out of their daily city life to rest, relax, and recharge. The retreat center keeps its commitment to providing a safe environment for the practitioners and staff with the support of LILIN security surveillance solution systems.

The center features various facilities and buildings situated in the deep mountains of Malaysia consisting of a stupa, butter lamp houses, chapels, a world peace hall where can accommodate 3,000+ folks, forest walks, an vegetable garden, dormitories, private residence, administrative office, a gift shop, classrooms, meditational halls, cabins for practitioners and/or students.

The areas of the center facilities occupy over 25 acres of land in total, and divided into 5 different construction phases. The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. Phase III construction was successfully completed along with LILIN-based surveillance system installed earlier this year.

LILIN has been supplying the forest retreat center with standalone NVR security systems, IP cameras, and CMX software to a centrally managed integrated IP security system for video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control to ensure the safety of staff, students, and practitioners at the retreat center. The center is planning to install nearly 500 IP cameras for indoor and outdoor areas. Installed IPD2220E 2-megapixel cameras equipped with the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature is able to ensure the identification of persons or objects of interest under high-contrast lighting conditions. Several LR7428X IP66-rated water-proof cameras installed that can resist damage caused by dust and rain, allowing to be operated in outdoor environments.

All IP cameras are connected to NVR 109s at operation rooms sending live streaming videos by means of optic fiber cables for total situational awareness via CMX 1072 central video management device. An offsite monitoring center — therefore eliminating the in-ground wires. CMX provides delay-free video image transmission in real-time mode, and it is easy to enable flexible configuration of transmission parameters.

The retreat center is an ongoing project, and LILINs responsive and knowledgeable support experts with proficient experience in networking and surveillance fields will be helping the center to provide a quality surveillance technology deployment every step of the way. In addition, LILINs surveillance solutions are highly interoperable and future-proof.

Sponsored by:

LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

Lanvac installs gateway device receptive to Bosch control panel

Lanvac installs gateway device receptive to Bosch control panel

Editor / Provider: Bosch | Updated: 1/10/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Lanvac, Canada's leader in third-party wholesale contract monitoring, is offering monitoring services for Bosch intrusion detection systems. The company installed a CONETTIX D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway, enabling it to receive communications from Bosch control panels. The addition of another receiver is currently planned.

Lanvac operates six interconnected monitoring stations. Each station is configured for continuous local monitoring services, backed by the other stations within the company's private network. Every Lanvac station meets or exceeds the requirements of all regulatory agencies.

“We believe if you can send a signal, Lanvac should be able to receive it, which is why we've added the Bosch receiver,” said Bill Georgoudes, Co-President and Chief Operating Officer, Lanvac. “Bosch control panels offer some unique features that dealers in Canada want to sell, and we're now able to extend our monitoring services to support these systems.”

Bosch expanded its intrusion offerings for Canada, making its control panels and communication transport solutions available in addition to its portfolio of sensors already offered. The CONETTIX D6100IPV6 can support up to 3200 accounts for LAN or WAN communications as well as 2 phone lines. It can monitor a range of Bosch control panels, including the company's latest G Series and B Series product families.

G Series Control panels are integrated solutions for intrusion and access control with support for up to 32 areas and 1,000 users. B Series Control Panels support up to 4 areas and 48 points of protection. Both product families are modern Internet appliances that report using the latest IP technology, including DNS support for remote access and central station communications, which simplifies installation and disaster recovery.

Ville de Forbach implements video surveillance at historical landmarks with Genetec

Ville de Forbach implements video surveillance at historical landmarks with Genetec

Editor / Provider: Genetec | Updated: 1/9/2014 | Article type: Government & Public Services

Business Challenge
Located on then north-eastern side of France, just on the border of Germany, is the city of Forbach. Its rich history is showcased by The Schlossberg, a castle that dates back to mid-15th century.

Although charcoal mining once contributed to the original influx of residents, its population sits at about 20,000 people, with another 80,000 spread around its outskirts. As in most small cities around world, the city of Forbach was dealing with petty crimes such as vandalism and instances of theft which left a general concern for the safety of its citizens.

Although Forbach's police department had a small video monitoring system in place, requirements to add more cameras to more vulnerable areas soon became problematic.

The City of Forbach recruited help from long-time partners in information technology services and integration specialists of IP video surveillance, Signma IP. As a Genetec certified integrator, Sigma IP proposed Genetec's Security Center, its unified security platform, which would accommodate their video surveillance needs of added growth and network flexibility, while also providing Synergis, the access control component, to secure the door at their command center, called CSU (Centre de Surveillance Urbaine).

Historic French city located on the border of Germany, invests in Security Center unified platform for video surveillance and access control to protect citizens and deter petty crime, while preserving the authenticity of historical monuments.

Using History as the Catalyst for Cutting-Edge City Surveillance
Security Center's Omnicast video surveillance system manages over 38 IP cameras from vendors Sony and Arecont Vision. These cameras are spread throughout the city's most vulnerable areas. Some High Definition (HD) Sony cameras (SNC-CS50P, SNC-Z25P, SNC-RX550P, SNC-CH180, SNCEP550) were installed in critical areas where there were concerns about lighting or video quality, and the rest are in fixed locations such as on main avenues, or outside schools and other important structures.

Of the 38 cameras, 14 of them are Arecont Vision multi-lens cameras (AV20185 or AV20365) from the SurroundVideoR series. Mostly, the cameras are connected back to the central server located in city hall via a robust and intricate wireless network, custom-designed by Sigma IP. With about 18TB of storage, the city is able to preserve recordings for 15 days.

The municipal police are responsible for managing the system, and use it mainly to conduct investigations once an incident is reported. To easily locate the cameras in the city during critical investigations undertaken by the national police, the city of Forbach is using Security Center's map-based interface, Plan Manager. Without necessarily knowing the ins and outs of the city, federal investigators can find the cameras they need, and conduct quick searches based on time of day to pull evidence.

Taking the Next Steps with Limitless Growth
To date, the city of Forbach has seen success with their Security Center system. From apprehending vandals to addressing more instances of theft, physical confrontations and street crimes, the system has proven its worth.

Other important additions to the system include expanding the Synergis access control system beyond the one door, possibly into other municipal buildings, as well as doing some custom development work to leverage the audio capabilities of certain cameras for some unique parking applications.

Mr. Patrick Karp, Technical Manager at the City of Forbach offered the following advice to other cities contemplating a switch to Security Center: “The openness and unification of the platform were important factors when choosing the solution. Effectively, we now have a system that doesn't limit our development and growth.”

Dallmeier provides CCTV and IP solutions to Alle school in Denmark

Dallmeier provides CCTV and IP solutions to Alle school in Denmark

Editor / Provider: Dallmeier | Updated: 1/8/2014 | Article type: Education

The propensity of young people to use violence has increased alarmingly in recent years and claims for damage resulting from break-ins, vandalism and theft, as well as fights and violent disputes in schools are on the growth. Numerous politicians across the globe declared themselves in favor of deploying CCTV surveillance systems. Although this is still something of a controversial topic, the technology has already been introduced by Dallmeier to the Alle school in Denmark.

The Alle school in Denmark was one of the most affected schools in its community, the Fredericia local authority district. And because of this, Dallmeier and its partner SCANVIEW A/S installed a modern CCTV monitoring system.

Originally the equipment was installed with the aim of protecting against break-ins and vandalism, and so reducing the cost of damage caused. All the monitored schools exhibited a clear reduction in thefts and vandalism. Now that the system has been in service for a while both the teachers and a majority of all pupils can't imagine being without it.

A feeling of security
Just the physical presence of a surveillance camera reduces theft, vandalism and violence to a much lower level. In conversations with the school managers it was found that the teachers as well as the caretakers and the cleaning staff feel considerably safer since its installation. 1 cleaner who is sometimes on site from 4am commented, “Of course we know that if someone attacks us the surveillance cameras do not provide immediate assistance, but the Dallmeier CCTV system nevertheless gives us a feeling of security and protection.”

And this feeling is also expressed in the figures. Immediately following the system's installation damage caused by break-ins sank to 0.

An innovative, easy to use system
According to the individual needs of each education facility Dallmeier offers different recorders. All devices are high-resolution digital recording systems where the connection with external data sources or higher-level management systems is possible. Motion detection for the camera inputs is built-in. For easy installation and maintenance the devices have a removable BNC terminal board and LCD servicing and status indicators. Extensive monitoring features (dynamic fan control, external and internal temperature monitoring, voltage monitoring, etc.) ensure high operational stability and durability.

The SmartFinder, an intelligent search system for objects in the picture, enables fast and efficient analysis of the recorded data in predefined picture areas. The SEDOR technology ensures additional protection through automatic camera sabotage recognition (de-focusing, redirecting, masking and spraying).

Furthermore Dallmeier is offering vandal-resistant dome cameras, allowing the surveillance of particularly vulnerable areas. Thanks to the innovative Cam_inPIX technology the high-resolution Dallmeier color cameras provide clear, high-contrast and color-true pictures without any blooming or smearing even in the most difficult lighting conditions.

PView Software provides a practical management tool for 1or more Dallmeier recorders.

Data protection requirements always met
Data protection regulations are not breached by monitoring schools. Only the school exterior is monitored (playground, sports grounds etc.), and in any case the cameras can be turned off during the school day. Some cameras such as those monitoring the bicycle stands are set to record continuously. If no theft is reported the data are automatically over-written after a specified period.

Rights for viewing the pictures are allocated according to the pre-determined user profile. For example the on-site operator, perhaps the teacher responsible for security, has the right to view the recordings and if necessary copy footage to a DVD. This access authorization can also be set up to require that 2 people each enter their own password. This ensures that recordings can then only be viewed in the presence of, say, the head teacher or the pupil representative. Any criminal prosecution which follows is handled by the police.

Fast payback
In Denmark the local authorities footed 50% of the overall project cost, with the remainder being carried by the individual schools. In every case the system paid for itself in 15 months or less. According to Torsten Ussing, SCANVIEW's MD and the local project manager, the systems in small schools paid for themselves after only 8 months.

“We were all surprised by the more than significant decline in vandalism, break-ins and violence among the pupils. And in addition there were no more trespassers in the school yard. Of course CCTV monitoring cannot replace preventative measures for reducing violence but they can be a sensible and successful addition!”

Because of this positive outcome other local authorities have expressed interest and plans are in train for the installation of further CCTV monitoring solutions in other schools.

Jefferson County Waterway adopts Milestone VMS

Jefferson County Waterway adopts Milestone VMS

Editor / Provider: Milestone Systems | Updated: 1/8/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) is at the center of operational overview for the authorities who handle the Sabine-Neches Waterway running 55 miles through Jefferson County, Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico. This area includes a commercial and military out-load port in the United States and is the fourth largest port in terms of processed tonnage. They need to ensure the safety of those working and traveling through the port, and to keep traffic flowing for the commerce that relies on clear passage.

A vast traffic-monitoring network has been deployed here to ensure that all vessels (civilian, military and commercial) can safely navigate the waters with minimal interference such as collisions or other stoppage. The new surveillance system also monitors the many petroleum refineries that line the channel. Backed by a Verizon Wireless 4G connection, the county cameras along the waterway are networked through Milestone XProtect Enterprise VMS for managing high definition video of live vessel movements and incident reporting from the archived footage.

“Milestone truly is the best IP video open platform on the market. It integrates with all of the cameras seamlessly and provides the sheriff's department with more high definition images for significantly better views of the waterway than their previous system. We now have camera ‘eyes' located on an array of tall locations in challenging environments. Our solution design includes live mobile video on tablets and smart-phones to dispatchers and personnel on watercraft,” says Mark Nolan, Sales Engineer at systems integrator Knight Security Systems.

Vessels range in size from small tugboats to huge tanker ships hauling hundreds of tons of oil and other commodities. When an incident is called in to port security, authorities must assess the situation and respond immediately. Milestone XProtect provides the user interface where reported incidents are checked in the video to determine if the port must close to resolve a situation or can continue operating. Closing the port for any amount of time is an expensive procedure, so having virtual eyes on the scene is imperative to optimal operations.

The previously installed system was very limited - only viewable and navigable in 1 control station building. Knight Security Systems therefore designed and installed a Milestone XProtect Enterprise IP video surveillance solution managing AXIS Q1604 and Sony SNC-ER550 cameras, and more than 8 terabytes of storage to provide 24 hours of archiving. With the Milestone Mobile client, the sheriff's department and port authorities now have instant access to video from anywhere.

The Milestone solution consolidates the 24-hour monitored cameras into 1 centrally managed solution, viewable by all administrators in their offices, in the main monitoring station and on mobile devices. With high-level national security implications, live camera views and the ability to quickly check recorded video is essential to the port's operational standards for efficiency. Every second between an incident report and confirmation of the validity of the report is crucial to the response process.

Protecting the Port
The only ways to access Jefferson County through the waterway is via Sabine Pass or 2 entry points on the Intracoastal Waterway. With an advanced communication system and screening process, no vessel is unaccounted for. The cameras give verification to confirm radio transmissions. The Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) at Port Arthur acts as the “keepers of the gate” aided by the Milestone video management solution, issuing advisories and minimizing blind spots.

“If we pick up a radar blip that's not transmitting an identification signal, it is imperative to identify that blip before it enters the port,” explains Michael Measells, Director of Vessel Traffic Service. “The cameras can do what radar can't achieve - put an eye on a vessel through the Milestone XProtect software, allowing us to know what's moving, from a marine safety and security standpoint. That's the number-one mission.”

Cameras line the river and port entrance, placed in strategic locations from the roofs of buildings to the top of the Verizon Wireless 4G towers. A Jefferson County Sheriff helicopter also hosts a mounted camera ready to be called into action at any time, whether it's monitoring an incident or making rounds.

“We've adapted to the ease of application, connectivity and versatility of the Milestone interface very quickly – it's so easy to use,” says John Moore, Electronics Materials Officer, United States Coast Guard. “Milestone is always up and running, and it loads extremely fast on any mobile operating system. The versatility of our Milestone setup also allows us to remotely provide access to our Sector Command Center in Houston.”

Incident Confirmation and Control
The port is a vital, active entity, responsible for millions of dollars in assets and manpower. If an incident is reported to the Sheriff's Department or Coast Guard, there are established procedures to follow before any response is made. Any event, whether a boating accident, cargo spill or personal injury, has the potential to shut down the channel for an extended length of time.

“This is a high-traffic waterway and with a limited width, there are bound to be close calls and incidents,” says Measells. “It's good to have more eyes on each vessel.”

When an incident is reported, officials must immediately confirm the report. Then the proper authorities are contacted and ground or water personnel deployed as needed. The sheriff's department jurisdiction covers the entire 55 miles of critical infrastructure.

“If I get a report of an incident, I'll pull Milestone Mobile up on my tablet or phone to assess the situation,” says Deputy Chief Mark Dubois, Jefferson County Sheriff. “XProtect helps us respond quickly, allowing us to view video from any cameras immediately, from any location, any time, to confirm or deny an event.”

“We can move from evaluation of a report to initiating a response in a matter of minutes, if not seconds,” Moore adds. “There's time and money there. Once we confirm, all responders' mindsets are immediately shifted into response.”

Dynacolor launches W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera

Dynacolor launches W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera

Editor / Provider: Dynacolor | Updated: 1/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Dynacolor, an international security solutions provider headquartered in Taipei, has launched its new W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera. W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera delivers 360-degree panorama view with vivid images through multi-streaming video, suitable for various kinds of IP surveillance environments.

The Fisheye IP Camera is a high resolution surveillance solution featuring 360-degree panorama view that allows users to monitor a wide angle surveillance environment without blind spot with just one camera. The camera not only delivers clear images through multi-streaming video, its lens with up to 5 megapixel high resolution image also provides panorama function with quad view that enables 4 different assigned angles images to display simultaneously for monitoring.

Furthermore, it has built-in IR LED and true day/night IR cut filter for supreme night time images. With compact outlook and rugged housing, the easy installing and weatherproof ability offers users to apply the camera in various kinds of IP surveillance environments, such as hotel, hospital, retailer store, parking lot, and factory, etc.

Verint Systems acquires KANA Software

Verint Systems acquires KANA Software

Editor / Provider: Verint | Updated: 1/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Verint Systems announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire KANA Software, a provider for customer service solutions delivered both on-premises and in the cloud. The acquisition would form a unique combination that would likely extend Verint's Actionable Intelligence strategy. The collective solutions from Verint and KANA would enable organizations worldwide to implement a single-vendor suite to help transform customer engagement. The acquisition of KANA, a portfolio company of Accel-KKR, is expected to be completed in Verint's first fiscal quarter ending April 30, 2014.

“We believe that acquiring KANA would allow Verint to offer a holistic customer engagement strategy powered by Actionable Intelligence, providing significant value for our customers and partners. Our complementary solutions represent a comprehensive offering to help optimize customer engagement. We have been impressed with KANA and share a common vision for our respective markets, including a firm commitment to our customers,” says Dan Bodner, CEO at Verint.

“We also believe there is a strong cultural fit between the 2 companies and a foundation for a successful future together, for both our current and prospective customers, as well as our employees. We look forward to completing the transaction and welcoming KANA into the Verint family,” he continues.

KANA would bring its approximately 900 global customers to the greater Verint organization, which already has the benefit of more than 10,000 customers worldwide. The combined customer base, which includes some shared customers, can benefit from a broader, complementary solution set from a single global provider.

“Our management team is excited about the opportunity to join a global technology leader like Verint, and we have every expectation that our customers will be excited as well, especially as they learn more about how Verint and KANA can provide a lens into who is doing what, when, how and why in day-to-day engagements with their customers,” says Mark Duffell, CEO at KANA.

Optimizing Customer Engagement
Together, the combined product suite of collective solutions is expected offer global enterprises the ability to capture and manage cross-functional information around customer interactions, business processes and workforce performance to improve operational efficiency, reduce risk and enhance customer loyalty, while driving revenue performance.

Further, guided business processes and recommended dialogues provided by the combined solutions could help deliver faster, more precise, personalized service—from next best action, to next best offer. By fusing advanced customer service suites from KANA with Verint Actionable Intelligence, organizations would be able to connect and optimize multiple channels to create valuable, consistent and contextual experiences that count when customers engage.

Managing Customer Engagement Holistically Across Channels
Contemporary organizations generate massive volumes of Big Data from engagement with customers and employee activities—much more data than they can collect, correlate and assess. The quantity and speed with which data is generated, as well as the diversity of that data—much of which is unstructured and difficult to analyze—can create a challenge for organizations and minimize their opportunity to take timely action and increase profitable outcomes.

In addition, the rise of mobility and proliferation of communication channels has made it even more difficult for organizations to manage the people and processes required to respond to consumer expectations in a consistent, personalized and contextual manner. Many organizations are struggling to become more customer-centric because information does not always easily flow from one channel to another. To drive top-line revenue at a reasonable cost and enable long-lasting customer relationships, they need to manage customer engagement holistically across multiple touch points and create greater value from their resources.

Verint and KANA are hoping to address these challenges together through a robust blend of software and services that span workforce optimization (WFO) and customer service and support offerings. Verint offers market-leading WFO and Voice of the Customer Analytics capabilities—including voice recording, voice biometrics, quality monitoring, speech analytics, text analytics, enterprise feedback management, workforce management, performance management, desktop and process analytics, elearning and coaching. KANA offers compelling customer service solutions, such as agent desktop, case management, knowledge management, and email, chat and social media response management.

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