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India's largest Gas company installs VIVOTEK cameras at 1000 stations

India's largest Gas company installs VIVOTEK cameras at 1000 stations

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 9/25/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is a state-controlled oil and gas company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Among the world's largest corporations, the company was ranked #272 in the Fortune Global 500 listing for 2011.

Recently, BPCL embarked on a surveillance project as part of the organization‘s initiative to restructure the internal surveillance system. Prior to the structure reform, the old surveillance system was not centralized. As the headquarters would like to gain better understanding of the operation at each branch location in order to improve the business and communication between the headquarters and each station, a new surveillance system was proposed - installation of a total of 5000 high-performance surveillance cameras at 1000 petrol stations throughout India.

BPCL sells petrol, diesel and compressed natural gas to consumers at these stations. The company hoped to take advantage of top quality video cameras primarily to not only monitor the customer experience for quality control purposes but also to enhance the level safety for customers and employees. A process of competitive bidding resulted in VIVOTEK cameras being selected for the project, with System Integrator Livedarshan developing the deployment, the typology and the engineering aspect of the implementation. Additionally, Kores India, a leading provider of after-sale services, was contracted out to oversee and supervise the project and its implementation, while addressing customers' inquires and concerns.

According to Vivek Bagri, CEO of Livedarshan, one of the factors that led BPCL to decide on VIVOTEK cameras for this important large-scale project was the company's very favorable previous experience with VIVOTEK. For the first phase of the deployment, Livedershan installed around 60 cameras for BPCL. “BPCL found the quality of the VIVOTEK camera to be superior to models within the same technical range from other competing manufacturers,” says Vivek.

As for the particular VIVOTEK camera model selected, the IP8362, part of the VIVOTEK SUPREME series, there were several reasons for the choice, Vivek explains. First of all, BPCL required very high-quality video, as it needed to be able to identify the license plate of a vehicle, an employee and a potential criminal — all to ensure that customers were to the best possible services. In addition, to simplify administration, BPCL hoped to use as few cameras as possible at each location.

The combination of these two basic requirements — for clear, detailed image footage and a relatively low number of cameras to be installed to cover the entire premises of each petrol station — meant that cameras with very exceptionally resolutions were absolutely mandatory. As a best-in-class 1080p outdoor bullet camera designed for diverse outdoor applications, VIVOTEK IP8362 is equipped with a 2-Megapixel CMOS sensor, temper detection and a vari-focal, auto-iris lens. WDR Enhancement technology and removable IR-cut filter are also available for Day & Night function, so the image quality remains uncompromised even under constantly alternating and challenging lighting conditions. In addition to satisfying the fundamental requirement for the BPCL project, the IP8362 also offered a number of other important advantages towards the solution deployed.

Designed for demanding outdoor surveillance applications, the IP8632 not only includes a removable IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminators for daytime and nighttime monitoring, but it also adds robust WDR (wide dynamic range) enhancement to ensure that clear, properly exposed video can be obtained no matter the time of day—even when particularly challenging high-contrast lighting conditions—where bright and dark areas are present in the field of view—prevail.

BPCL also valued IP8362's wide operating temperature range, crucial due to the extremely hot weather that is the norm throughout much of India. In addition, the VIVOTEK camera features an IP67-rated housing, which protects against the ingress of dust, water, and other foreign material—an important consideration in the harsh environment of a busy petrol station. Even the IP8362's physical styling turned out to be a plus, as BPCL felt its compact form and sleek looks avoided the need to conceal it in an ungainly device box.

Video from the cameras already installed is recorded 24 hours a day at Full HD resolution, while to conserve bandwidth, VGA-quality streams are monitored at BPCL headquarters in Mumbai. Together, the live and archived footage are already proving valuable resources for management as it checks service quality at the stations, and seeks improvements where deemed necessary. Station owners can also monitor activity, and refer to the high-quality recorded video in case of incidents.

Customer feedback
Thus far, over 100 BPCL petrol stations have been outfitted with new VIVOTEK IP8362 cameras. BPCL is hoping to finish deployment of all 5000 cameras in 1000 BPCL petrol stations by the end of this year. “BPCL is very impressed with the high performance of the VIVOTEK IP8362, and needless to say, so am I,” says Vivek. “I would recommend any user and integrators to work with VIVOTEK. Not only their products are first-rate in the industry, their sales support and services are also absolutely outstanding.”

Vivek Bagri has recently been featured in “10 Leaders Under 40” published in a&s International - May 2012.

Honeywell announces its newest solutions at Security Essen

Honeywell announces its newest solutions at Security Essen

Editor / Provider: Honeywell | Updated: 9/24/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Honeywell announces its newest solutions showcased at Security Essen.  Honeywell's comprehensive product and solutions portfolio will be presented and include MB-Secure, a multifunctional and modular security control system, MB-Wireless Reed magnetic contact module, equIP Series S range of IP system cameras and Pro-Watch 4.2 enterprise access control system.

Honeywell's new MB-Secure platform is a multifunctional and modular design security control system that enables integration of intrusion detection, access control, and video within a single system. It includes a special licensing concept providing flexibility and ease of use. All MB-Secure control systems are equipped with a uniform circuit board and firmware. Individual required functions can be activated by installers with a license key via a web portal. Should security requirements change, installers can easily apply additional expansions and new areas, detector groups and subsections. This makes it easy to apply upgrades without the need for major changes or a complete control system replacement. A variety of custom-fit, intelligent security solutions can be implemented to suit a wide range of industries: the industrial sector, retail, banking and finance, public buildings, sports facilities, and museums.

Giving security installers a much wider range of options for commercial video surveillance installations, Honeywell also presents 14 new HD and Mega Pixel IP cameras to its equIP Series. The equIP Series S is a family of IP-ready products – including box cameras, IR indoor domes and rugged domes – that integrate with Honeywell and third-party network video recorders (NVRs) for complete video management. The new cameras deliver full HD video (up to 25 fps) with 720p, 1080p, 3MP or 5MP resolution for applications from small retail outlets all the way up to large systems for city centre surveillance. All of the cameras feature on-board micro SD card storage to help prevent video loss by storing locally when communication to the NVR or video service is off-line. The equIP Series S features P-Iris that provides sharper images with better clarity and contrast by optimising the depth of field and sensitivity most suited to any application.

Honeywell MB-Wireless Reed magnetic contact module gives users a whole new range of possibilities for high-quality security. The contact is ideal for monitoring windows and doors, and also easily used to secure and monitor objects such as cabinets, drawers and pictures. The clear advantages of the magnetic reed contact lie in the monitoring of moving or variable fittings and objects, for example at trade shows and exhibitions, temporary monitoring of buildings and tool depots.

Honeywell Pro-Watch security management system offers an access control system that allows integrators to cost effectively accommodate virtually any access control need. The latest version Pro-Watch 4.2 is compatible with multiple biometric reader options, along with added support for several brands and types of wireless locks – including options from Allegion (AD-400 Series), Assa Abloy (Aperio Line), and Salto (Sallis and SVN) – that enable the system to protect previously hard-to-reach doors and locations.

Chuango: Bringing smart home tech to ordinary families

Chuango: Bringing smart home tech to ordinary families

Editor / Provider: Editorial Department, a&s SMAhome | Updated: 9/24/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Established in 2001 by Ken Li and his late father Lee, Chuango Security Technology Corporation specializes in radio frequency technology and wireless smart home systems, ranging from DIY security and home automation to energy and health management. When Chuango began making radio signal antennae and security alarm systems, it operated mostly as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplying to distributors, resellers and alarm-monitoring companies in China, Japan and the U.S. Then came 2010, the company expanded its production lines from Fuzhou to Shenzhen, doubling its capacity to accommodate accelerated sales growth.

In 2013, Chuango achieved another milestone that catapulted the company to the road of branding: the G5 GSM/ SMS RFID Touch Alarm System won the Product of the Year Award (Intruder Alarm or Exterior Deterrent Category) from IFSEC & FIREX Awards. “Winning this prestigious award certainly means a lot to us as it recognizes our commitment and continuous dedication to providing innovative solutions to our customers,” said Ken Li, founder and CEO of Chuango. “For the show's 40-year history, the category award winner has never been an Asian brand, nada. I believe our young, energetic and creative team will continue to spice things up in the industry and markets worldwide.”

After stealing the show, the company swiftly shifted its business model and focus to introduce more private-label and branded products directly to distributors and retailers, etching another mark in its rapid transformation. “Developing consumer electronic-like DIY smart home systems requires a lot of investment in R&D and constant market studies and promotions, which cannot be sustained by the not-so-profitable OEM/ODM business. If we want to break free from the shackles of a stereotypical Asian OEM, we must grow with times to achieve something greater,” Li said. “Many manufacturers change products or marketing strategies passively. We lead by thinking differently, making adjustments proactively, and we always introduce fresh elements to everything that we do.”

Thanks to Chuango's accelerated year-on-year revenue and personnel growth, the company has the resources and ammunitions to further build its research facilities, outside of Fuzhou and Shenzhen, in Taipei, Amsterdam and – in the near future – Silicon Valley to sustain its brand development of Chuango and smanos, as well as category development from burglar alarm (Chuango) to residential surveillance, health and energy management, and smart home (smanos).

With the go-to -market strategy expanding from fulfilling orders for importers and resellers to include mainstream distribution and retail channels, Chuango is in need of even greater production capacity. “We acquired a 2,000-square-meter production plant in the Changan district of Dongguan in June, and the facility just went online in August,” Li shared. “Before we grow our product categories, we're already anticipating more diverse system and accessory requirements yet shorter lead time due to intensifying competition, so that's why we acquired the Changan facility in the first place. Another reason is that the smart home market is even more demanding on the product aesthetics and design detail. While we've had our in-house industrial design team all these years, molding and plastic injection were always outsourced, until now.”

This new 2,000-square-meter or 20,000-square-foot production base ensures streamlined development and production flows, not to mention further strengthened quality assurance procedures along the way, from design, molding and injection to production and assemblies. “Changan is the center of the molding universe, and we're confident in having one of the best teams in the industry to meet all future demands, with enhanced production capacity and quality,” Li stressed. The facility is just an hour away from Shenzhen, for easy logistics and convenient customer visits.

Chuango is also fortifying its software development (system controls, apps and cloud) and IP communication footing, with the establishment and expansion of the Taipei, Amsterdam and very soon Silicon Valley teams. The satellite teams will be working closely with Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan to expedite time-to-market with respect to next-gen wireless, 4G and cloud solutions. Another machine-to-machine (M2M, or IoT) R&D team is also up and running in Fuzhou, alongside the quality assurance team that ensures international production processes and mass production requirements are met.

For Chuango, it is never just a saying. “When we say we want the best for our customers, we deliver. As we embark on this journey of global marketing and branding, our vision and pursuit for perfection are not limited to local standards; we devise the toughest quality assurance tests possible on all our production lines and products, and are working to extend our warranties from two years to three to five.”

Industry reshuffling is imminent, with tech giants and startups as well as security conglomerates coming into the picture. Chuango is laser-focused and has a clear vision and development path, with users and market demands in mind. “We know what our priorities are and will keep doing what we do best,” Li said.

Healthy competition is good for any industry. With increased media coverage on the smart home, the industry and market are poised for further maturation and growth, and only the best of the best will remain standing. “Nevertheless, Chuango remains open-minded and opens its arms to any type of collaboration, be it with security and automation juggernauts or startups with brilliant ideas. We're looking for sustainable growth, not just one-year wonders,” Li said. While the likes of Apple and Google pose a potential threat, Chuango is more interested in how they tackle users' problems and adjust go-to-market strategies. “Our strength builds on the fact that we have been exploring the smart home for 14 years, and we are one of the few that can provide integrated hardware and software solutions, with localized support and services.”

The future of the smart home will be about integrating security and safety systems, electronic and appliance controls, and entertainment units with wireless and information technologies. “Chuango will continue to work on striking that perfect balance among security, comfort, convenience, personalization, usability and affordability. At International CES 2015, we will be announcing an all new, all-around smart home system that thinks for you, realizing the ultimate simplicity in system setup, operation and user experience,” Li shared excitedly. “We will also be working closely with industry-leading IC provider Silicon Labs, to bring its sub-GHz module solutions to life by empowering our clients and end users with smarter, connected homes.”

At the moment, Western Europe and the U.S. are Chuango's and smanos' biggest revenue contributors, and “emerging” markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS, East Asia, ANZ, the Middle East, Africa and LatAm are just ripe for further business development. “For even more detailed market analyses and tailored services, we will hire a few more business development professionals in the U.K., France, Germany and Italy, with ICT distribution and retail channels remaining our major route to market,” Li added. “With dedicated, local sales and marketing efforts, our highly flexible, compatible, affordable DIY solutions, such as security and automation, lighting controls, and energy and health management, are well on their way to become local favorites.”

With ever-increasing demand for wireless DIY security and smart home systems, Li is rather excited about the next three to five years. “Our sales are forecast to grow by more than 100% per year over the next few years, with multiple product development and business development teams all over the world unleashing their creative potential collaboratively. We're also open to OEM/ ODM possibilities.” To keep channel and end customers interested and engaged, Chuango is constantly on the lookout for the right fit and talent for “glocalized” development.

Cloud-based technology and smart touch devices are promising exponential growth, and Chuango and smanos are poised to expand their portfolio and footprint beyond security to automation, lighting, energy management, entertainment and safety/ health-monitoring devices. “The ability to control a multifunctional system using a smartphone app, coupled with a unique and fashionable product design and interface, is a winning combination,” Li exclaimed. “Technology allows us to reach far beyond average, middle-aged homeowners. For example, we can effortlessly tailor our offerings or user experience to specific market segments, such as telecom operators, student dorms and luxury yachts.” In China, Chuango is piloting the sales of home-use IP cameras together with alarm and safety devices through an online-to-offline retail model, with concept stores opening in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and more cities that allow end users to experience Chuango smart home wonders before placing orders on site or online.

The proliferation of wearable technology is another area that Chuango is keeping an eye on. “Wearable devices, to me, are part of our industry development, as they are designed to make life easier and more convenient,” Li said. “There is no doubt that finding ways to satisfy needs of security, safety, comfort and convenience is the way forward, and we're more than ready!” Smart home is no exact science, but a unique combination of art and technology. It is Li's vision that Chuango and smanos products can blend in any ordinary family and be part of their day-to-day life.

Like Li, the entire Chuango global team is dynamic, fast-paced and always ready to react to various customer demands and feedback, with award-winning product designs and features that reflect Chuango's core competence and value. “We are bringing innovative, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing products to market, and our offerings ensure significant value and profitability for those who are prepared to put the effort in and grow with us.”

Development milestones
- 2001:
Founded in Fuzhou, China in a 9 sq.m./ 100 sq.ft. garage
- 2003:
Introduced surface mount technology (SMT) to system mass production
- 2006:
Started system exports, especially to the U.S. and Japan
- 2008:
Market traction in Europe and Asia
- 2010:
Production lines expanded to Shenzhen
- 2013:
Inception of smanos, a new smart home tech brand
Established Chuango Europe in Amsterdam and Chuango Taipei Innovation Center
- 2014:
Company IPO and further expansions

AXIS: How to improve camera usability with image stabilization?

AXIS: How to improve camera usability with image stabilization?

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by Axis | Updated: 9/23/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Sometimes it doesn't take much to render an otherwise perfect video stream practically worthless. Gusts of wind tearing at a surveillance camera can make it shake or vibrate enough to make images come out as useless blur. A heavy truck, or a train, passing close by can have similar consequences. Most viewers will find it tiring and irritating to watch even a short video clip if it is constantly shaking or wobbling.

A number of different techniques have been developed to cope with the problem, with varying degrees of success. However, the introduction of efficient and affordable gyroscopes in combination with cutting-edge software programming has accelerated the process towards robust, real-time image stabilization.

Vibration impact on video output Improvements in video quality have, somewhat paradoxically, made the problem with blurry images more apparent. Increasing pixel density, higher resolution and more powerful zooms have not only made cameras more sensitive to vibrations but have simultaneously made viewers more susceptible and prone to noticing them.

Naturally, operators and integrators are aware of these challenges and are trying to address them. Vibration may, for instance, be reduced by choosing sturdier mounts or less exposed locations for the installation.

Image stabilization not only brings great improvements in the surveillance operator's working conditions by providing smooth, comfortable live viewing at all times, but also makes an entire video surveillance system more versatile and cost efficient by making better use of each camera's potential, for example by maintaining image quality in zoom shots when vibrations otherwise may have affected the video quality.

At left: A snapshot from a video frame without Electronic Image Stabilization.
At right: Electronic Image Stabilization is activated. Above images demonstrate how Electronic Image Stabilization equalizes the motions from frame to frame resulting in stable motion video.

Benefits and applications in video surveillance
A surveillance camera mounted in an exposed location such as on a high pole or a street sign near a busy road, can be shaken by winds or passing traffic, which will blur the video. Electronic Image Stabilization works excellent regardless of camera lens type. When using a powerful telescopic zoom which zooms in on a distant object, the field of view becomes narrower and any shake or tremble will be amplified in the camera – and the amplitude of the shake will increase proportionally to the amount of zoom used. For a standard lens the challenges can be equivalent, if the camera is mounted in an environment with a high level of vibration. Regardless, image stabilization should be regarded as a prerequisite, so the cameras can be used optimally also in all kinds of circumstances.

Having cameras that are less sensitive to vibrations also makes installation more flexible and allows for multiple mounting options. In the prerequisite end, fewer cameras may be needed to satisfy surveillance requirements.
Further, stabilized images will save bandwidth use and storage space. Advanced video compression formats, such as H.264, are based on motion compensation. In short, this method uses the image of a single frame as a baseline and then only saves information about changes in the picture. A well stabilized image will contain comparatively less movement and thus require less bandwidth and storage.

For operators monitoring the video, Electronic Image Stabilization will make an important difference. Not only will the video material quality be improved, making it easier to see details and use the material to take action or make further analyses. It will also make the time in front of the monitoring screen more comfortable, eliminating fatiguing issues resulting from watching a blurry or vibrating video image.

Today, shakes and vibrations reflect on the results from most of the analytic applications available. However, using Electronic Image Stabilization could have positive effects. For instance, Video motion detection (VMD) is a way of defining activity in a scene by analyzing image data and differences in a series of images, a feature that can be built into a network video product or made available with video management software. Shakes and vibration increases the risk for false alarm, but can be amended by using Electronic Image Stabilization.

Finally, a perhaps less obvious advantage of image stabilization is that privacy masking can be made more precise. On a camera without any stabilization system, the effects of possible shakes and vibrations would have to be compensated by increasing the masked of area in the image.

Making efficient video stabilization affordable
Hardware and software development are making efficient video stabilization techniques affordable for an ever-increasing range of network cameras. This progress not only secures smooth, comfortable video monitoring in real time. It also enhances image usability, improves camera operability, makes installation more flexible and finally, improves the overall cost efficiency of a network camera surveillance system.


Hospital in India kitted out with VIVOTEK cameras

Hospital in India kitted out with VIVOTEK cameras

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 9/23/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Protecting patients and caregivers
As one of the leading healthcare delivery providers across the pan Asia-Pacific region, Fortis Healthcare Limited is committed to not only sustaining, but also bettering the lives of those in need of clinical care. The company's operations span many borders – countries such as India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka, all the way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and the island nation of Mauritius – and its services reach some of the world's fastest growing markets. As a provider of integrated health care in the areas of diagnostics, primary care, and specialty day care in hospitals, Fortis Healthcare is a major force in the industry and poised to take on a leading position globally. With expanding operations comes the responsibility of protecting not only patients' physical health, but also the environment in which they and their caregivers work on a day-to-day basis. Such was the case with one of the hospital locations in Ludhiana, India, and they sent out a call for help that VIVOTEK answered wholeheartedly.

Outfitting the medical center without interrupting the hospital daily operation
As hospitals never close, the greatest obstacle to outfitting the medical center was laying cables for the relocation of cameras without interrupting business as usual. The hospital in Ludhiana remained in full operation throughout the process, and the system integrator deftly managed to do the cabling without disturbing patients or damaging anything. It took a lot of manpower and hours, but in the end the installation was completed seamlessly. Computer Services Integration – a company with experience and specialization in IP surveillance, network infrastructure projects, wireless and video, and data and audio communication systems – together with VIVOTEK worked to bring the project to fruition, and all systems were up and running by October of 2013.

Choosing the right hardware to build a seamless security Guarding expensive medical equipment and the safety of staff and personnel was the primary concern of this project. When it came to choosing the right hardware, there were four main aspects of surveillance that played into the decision: patient movement, patient security, employee security, and grounds security. Inside the hospital 54 units of the IP8133 model were mounted. This camera allows users to simultaneously receive multiple streams and is an ideal option for keeping a remote eye on patients and staffs. The camera features tamper detection, 32-channel recording software, and a built-in PIR sensor for human detection, all packaged in a compact design. Five IP8332 units were used for monitoring goings-on outside of the hospital. The bullet-style network camera performs well in outdoor settings, with a removable IR-cut filter for day and night functionality, IR illuminators effective up to lengths of 15 meters, and multiple stream capabilities.

All video streams captured by VIVOTEK's cameras are fed through video management software called ST7501, enabling the user to fully control and manage the streams from a single location. Using ST7501, real-time remote monitoring, recording, playback and event trigger management functions can be operated by the user. Ultimately, the solution chosen by Fortis Healthcare guaranteed patient and visitors tracking, grounds surveillance, and general security of the hospital.

Completely satisfied with the Installation and performance
Mr. AP Singh, regional IT head of Fortis Hospital, commented on the overall efficiency of VIVOTEK's IP surveillance solution. “The system integrator did a really good job setting up the surveillance system despite the challenge of working in a hospital open 24-hours. Once the system was in place I was really impressed with the user friendliness of it all, particularly the way in which ST7501 software integrates everything into an easy to operate system.”

VIVOTEK creates secure environment in a Polish hotel at Tatra mountain region

VIVOTEK creates secure environment in a Polish hotel at Tatra mountain region

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 9/22/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Creating an Atmosphere of Security and Relaxation for Guests
Located in Bialka Tatrzanska Mountain Resort in the central Tatra Mountain region, Bania Hotel is among the most luxurious hotels in Poland. An excellent location, top quality service, and numerous attractions make Bania Hotel truly exceptional. Bania Hotel is a perfect destination for families and couples wishing to enjoy peaceful leisure and an ideal location for adventurers seeking intense experiences.

Customers, staffs, and hotel facilities require sound protection. Feeling relaxed and not worrying about security problems are critical for guests during their stay at Bania Hotel. Therefore, an array of indoor and outdoor surveillance solutions is required throughout the complex. To satisfy the end user's needs, features such as megapixel image quality, round-the-clock surveillance, intelligent IR illumination, and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) functionality are essential. The system must also be user-friendly, thereby enabling immediate response to any potential incidents.

Quality Service, Quality Surveillance
Bania Hotel management has chosen VIVOTEK products, which provide optimal cost-to-performance ratio among numerous surveillance solutions available on the market. VIVOTEK is a widely known brand with prestigious deployments worldwide. VIVOTEK's surveillance solutions consist of top-quality products built with state-of-the-art technology while being cost-efficient - a characteristic lacking in other leading brands.

For indoor surveillance, security specialists recommended the reliable fixed dome network camera VIVOTEK FD8134. This high-quality megapixel camera comprises a compact and discreet design, and is equipped with IR LED illuminators required for nighttime monitoring. This device is powered by PoE technology, and features a slot for SD/SDHC memory cards that enable local recording; thus, no data will be lost in the unlikely instance of malfunctions. VIVOTEK FD8134 is an excellent choice for locations such as corridors, storage rooms, and staff-only areas. In Bania Hotel, VIVOTEK FD8162 was employed in areas requiring special attention, such as lobbies, entrances, and places frequently visited by guests. This full HD image quality model features a vast array of additional functions including a PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) sensor for enhanced motion detection, WDR for processing highly contrasted scenes, and Focus Assist for quick and easy focus adjustments.

For outdoor areas, the advanced VIVOTEK IP8335H bullet camera was employed. In addition to superior image quality and rock-solid reliability, this model offers a series of advanced features including powerful WDR Pro for high contrast environments, P-iris technology to achieve sharp images under changing light conditions, and Focus Assist for quick and easy focus adjustments. VIVOTEK IP8335H also features IP67 weatherproof housing, an SD/SDHC memory card slot for local storage, PoE support, IR LED illuminators, and removable IR-cut filter for securing surveillance quality and image clarity around the clock.

Excellent Surveillance System Fulfills Customers' High Expectations
VIVOTEK surveillance is, without doubt, Bania Hotel's optimal choice. Both the installing company and end-user acknowledged the high quality and exceptional value delivered by VIVOTEK products. With the assistance of specialists from SUMA, VIVOTEK's key partner and distributor in Poland, an excellent surveillance system was delivered, thus fulfilling the end user's high expectations.

“With excellent image quality and reliability, VIVOTEK cameras are the key to this successful deployment,” said Pawel Dziubasik, owner of the Bania Hotel complex. “In addition, the designs of VIVOTEK cameras fit the elegant style of our hotel in both indoor and outdoor areas. The entire system is discreet yet stylish while maintaining harmony with the hotel's traditional mountain region look.”

QNAP security's NVR solution safeguard the underground city in Georgia

QNAP security's NVR solution safeguard the underground city in Georgia

Editor / Provider: sponsored by QNAP | Updated: 9/19/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

Tbilisi Metro, operated since December 1966, is a rapid transit metro system in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. At present, the system consists of 2 lines with 22 stations. Constructed at the depth of 100 meters underground, Tbilisi Metro is one of the deepest subways in the world. Many people in the city depend heavily on Tbilisi Metro for daily traveling because of its convenience.

From the perspective of surveillance system deployment, the environment of Tbilisi Metro is quite complicated. As the metro is built underground 100 meters deep, it requires advanced deployment that could support strong network connection. Hence, optical fiber is used for any network appliance in the metro system to fulfill the demands of high-speed intranet connection. On the other hand, being one of the busiest public transportations, Tbilisi Metro is always crowded with people, and the need for an intensive surveillance system deployment is necessary to provide people a safer environment.

The original surveillance system that Tbilisi Metro used was gradually outdated and failed to satisfy the need of monitoring a greater number of IP cameras. As a result, Tbilisi Metro started to look for new surveillance solution that could carry out superior performance of smooth video streaming from a large number of IP cameras.

Taking system performance and reliability of video/audio streaming as the first priority, Tbilisi Metro chose QNAP® Security surveillance solution to upgrade its security system infrastructure, with totally 27 units of QNAP® VioStor NVR VS-8040 deployed. The 8-bay NVR VS-8040, powered by Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.8 GHz CPU and installed with eight 3TB hard drives, offers up to 24TB large storage capacity for long-term recording and presents remarkable performance with maximum 360 Mbps throughput to support simultaneous monitoring and recording from 40 IP cameras. The demand of Tbilisi Metro for an intensive surveillance deployment was well satisfied.

The security administrators were always busy and under pressure. A device with easy-to-manage and simple-to-use interface was the key concern for Tbilisi Metro. Even without much IT expertise, the security administrators could easily learn how to manage the VS-8040 and the installed IP cameras through the handy user interface. The work efficiency was therefore greatly improved.

“This is the second big project we adopt QNAP Security products, and the experience and result are still satisfying and impressive,” said the managing engineer of GESCO Group. “The VS-8040 has delivered quality performance of video streaming and stability, which right fulfills our demands for the sophisticated surveillance environment.”

QNAP® VioStor NVR VS-8040 effectively supports Tbilisi Metro's demand for monitoring a large number of IP cameras at each critical corner around the metro stations. Tbilisi Metro now provides people with enhanced protection with the assistance of QNAP® Security surveillance solution.

While additional line of Tbilisi Metro is under construction, the newer VioStor NVR models VS-8100 Pro+ series and VS-8100U-RP Pro series are considered in future deployment. Both models, available in 48, 40, 32, or 24-channel, are equipped with more powerful Intel® Core™ i3-2120 processor and deliver better performance on video and audio streaming from multiple channels. While supporting up to 48 channels monitoring, the VS-8100 Pro+ series and VS-8100U-RP Pro series provide an ideal surveillance solution for Tbilisi Metro's need for wider scope of IP camera deployment, fulfilling closer look at Tbilisi Metro's security.

Invest in South East Asia, things must know – Thailand & Malaysia

Invest in South East Asia, things must know – Thailand & Malaysia

Editor / Provider: Michelle Chu | Updated: 9/18/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Tourism lights up Thai security industry
Despite the fact that difficult political situation has hindered business investment in Thailand, investing opportunities still can be seen in this area. In fact, Thailand is probably the area that embraces surveillance security the most.

Tourism is among the most important and profitable industries in Thailand, as this beautiful country provides a paradise-like resort destination for international visitors. Since sightseeing industry is crucial for Thailand's economic development, there is no reason for the government to cut back security budgets on this sector.

As a matter of fact, city surveillance has been one of the key policies in Thailand. The numbers of taxi installing surveillance camera has been increasing over past few years.

In order to provide a safe touring environment for the visitors, Thai government has been dedicated to crack down on drug dealing activities for years. The campus and local are strictly required by the government to install surveillance equipment for monitoring on unlawful deeds. This demand from the government indicates huge business potential in this area.

Furthermore, as this exotic destination has become top choice when it comes to buying villa and private residence abroad, residential vertical is calling for more secure promises. On the other hand, retail such as shopping mall and restaurant is showing unlimited business potential as well.

Price is the key to Malaysian security market
For the foreign distributors, it is crucial to supply an ideal price to the end users in Malaysian security market. When it comes to deploying security devices, most of the users in this area put price before advanced technology and services. In addition, the goods and services tax (GST) is scheduled to begin on 1st April 2015 with tax rate of 6%. A huge impact to the market can be expected. For these and other reasons, this is a harsh environment for international systems integrators to gain the access to the market.

Possibility for HD-over-coaxial
Good news is that IP system, so far, only takes up about 30% of the security market in Malaysia. Many users are still sticking to analog systems, and this situation implying that fact that solutions such as AHD, ccHDtv, CVI, and TVI will be the only choices when updates required.

Newbie investors: Tips to keep in mind
If you are a new comer to South East Asian security market, here are couples of things that you need to know before any bold movement:

1. Governmental projects and low-end market is not the best choice that asian manufacturers could have. Governmental projects are mostly too hard to apply for when you do not have strong connection with local market; low-end market is usually full of surprising low-price products that most of the professional distributors cannot afford to provide. But, hey, there is still a market for those under-priced goods. Don't consume all your strength in this chaos.

2. Making sure that you are able to provide more than products. Foreign investors are usually confronting the challenges that they are not able to provide prompt services in foreign market. If you are determined to step into South East Asian security market, it is important to supply end users reliable system integration and after-sale services. You have to cover every part of the business.


* For exhibitors' informaiton, Secutech ASEAN will be held on 26-28 November 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.


A quick overview on the current secuiry market trend

A quick overview on the current secuiry market trend

Editor / Provider: Michelle Chu | Updated: 9/17/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Messe Frankfurt New Era, the leading integrated media service provider in Asia, today has held a seminar to share professional experience on security trend and industry aspects with providers in Taipei, Taiwan.

As IP system entered into the security market years ago, the entire industry has experienced a series of revolutionary changes. In today's market, in terms of deploying security systems, end users have more options than usual. A quick example, other than IP surveillance systems, end users can choose to update existing analog equipment to ccHDtv, CVI, TVI, or AHD systems in order to reach high-definition recording quality. Suppliers have realized that products make fewer profits now – the market has focused on systems integration, vertical applications, and multiple services.

It is all about intelligent and integration
End users started to set their eyes on intelligent systems and software that can provide added values on their business and management. The ideal of security is no longer merely about monitoring and access control; the ideal of security today suggesting surveillance, access control, and more importantly, making use of these data collected from security devices for managing purpose.

John Shi, the General Manager of Messe Frankfurt New Era, pointed out that future trend of the security industry will be about providing more integrated systems and platforms, such as physical security information management (PSIM), incident management system, and content analysis. The highly integrated platform helps critical verticals to achieve total security awareness for better protection; futhermore, it assists making effective business decision.

Personal device steps inside 
A prosperous potential can be seen in the consuming electronic market. Niche technologies are available for the end users now, for example, biometrics technique and NFC have been used on personal smart device. Intelligent systems can not only be used for professional surveillance, access control, business management, but also smart home and personal purposes.

The suppliers in the traditional security market are facing the same challenge – whether sticking to professional security product line or stepping into consuming product market at the same time.


New market strategy for the distributors
In order to survive all the challenges, distributors had to come up with more flexible market strategy. First of all, expanding the product line is a must. End users are looking for one-stop shop that provides all they need conveniently and skips possible technical problems; meanwhile, distributors have to be able to provide total solution to various verticals and projects. This trend indicates that distributor has to be able to supply various products (from the surveillance to storage, for instance), systems integration, and after-sale services that tailored to different cases.

Many leading providers in the market keep expanding local offices in order to provide the most instant services and to have connected relationship to the local market. On the other hand, providers tend to cooperate with more than one manufacturer just to make sure that they can provide solutions to any budgets and considerations.

AMG delivers toll management transmission solution on Indian highway

AMG delivers toll management transmission solution on Indian highway

Editor / Provider: AMG | Updated: 9/17/2014 | Article type: Security 50

AMG, the British manufacturer of CCTV transmission solutions and sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras, has completed a new sophisticated toll management transmission solution on Solapur Highway, for ITNL in India. ITNL is using the solution to monitor two Toll Plazas with a total of 20 Lanes with 24 Booths – 4 of which have reversible lanes. The project covers a road stretch of 105 kilometres, with 49 kilometres between the Toll Plazas.

According to ITNL, the new system encompasses 132 cameras of which 126 are fixed cameras and 6 are PTZs. Other hardware integrated into the solution includes Lane Controllers, AVC Controllers, and RFID Readers. The system is operated on an Ethernet backbone, with 35 unmanaged AMG switches, and incorporates vehicle detection and enforcement solutions along with access control equipment.

A Toll Plaza typically lies in an environment where adverse conditions are present. This was a decisive factor in ITNL's decision to select the AMG Ethernet switches for the new system. The ruggedness and small form factor, as well as the capability to perform well in adverse climate conditions with extreme heat and dust means that the AMG switches provides significant advantage over other alternatives.

According to ITNL, another advantage is that the AMG transmission solution can interface with equipment from any given third party manufacturer. This facilitates the integration of surveillance and monitoring equipment with the Toll Management Solution. ITNL also commented on the support given by AMG during pre-sales, post-sales and subsequent technical support, deeming the service as ‘excellent'.

Sara Bullock, International Sales Director at AMG Systems, says, “AMG has supplied a large number of transmission solutions for well over 1, 000 km of highways traffic management solutions in India. We're extremely pleased that ITNL decided to use our switches for this new project on the Pune - Solapur Highway.”

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