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Assa Abloy Locking Solution Safeguards HK Gov. Building

Assa Abloy Locking Solution Safeguards HK Gov. Building

Editor / Provider: Assa Abloy | Updated: 6/20/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Tamar is the government headquarters in Hong Kong. Assa Abloy Hong Kong provided the door hardware and locking solutions that would cater to the building's complex security needs.

Hong Kong's government relocated The Central Government Complex, Legislative Council building to the Tamar building. It is the administrative and executive hub of the Hong Kong government. The building complex also contains an open space for the public such as recreational facilities.

The Hong Kong SAR government's architectural service department supervised the whole design and building project to make sure all the hardware specified fulfilled the security and safety requirements and architectural regulations in Hong Kong.

Assa Abloy Hong Kong was chosen to provide full package of door hardware from locking solutions to escape hardware including 4,000 units of high security Assa (DP440 series) cylinders and 200 sets of Abloy door automatics solutions.

The project involved advanced specifications, as the different government departments housed on the site all have their own security requires. For example the door of the chief executives officer's office needed to be bullet-proof and explosion-proof, while keeping the look of the door neat and stylish.

Assa Abloy Turning Profits From Emerging Markets

Assa Abloy Turning Profits From Emerging Markets

Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu | Updated: 6/21/2012 | Article type: Security 50

A key element of Assa Abloy's rapid expansion has been identifying and building up relationships with potential acquisitions, successfully acquiring them, and equally successfully integrating them into the group. The company has now made over 150 acquisitions. The company's journey can also be described as one from mechanical locks to complete door-opening solutions that meet increasing demands for personal and physical security as well as user friendliness.

In Q1 of 2012, revenue grew 25 percent; profit also went up 22 percent, with key contributing regions being Asia, Eastern Europe, South Africa and South America. “The U.S. is also doing quite well, but Europe is a bit slow,” said Johan Molin, Head of Global Technologies and President and CEO, Assa Abloy. “We are simplifying the world, with one single credential that reads and accesses all. It's an important message for the industry.” To make things even easier, Assa Abloy also has a new wireless lock cylinder that is powered by the key's electromagnetic energy and requires zero batteries, saving resources in both installation and maintenance.

Molin was confident in reaching this year's targets with his global teams, and his only concern was that he could not grow this company even faster.

Bosch Ensures German Castle Security and Safety

Bosch Ensures German Castle Security and Safety

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 6/18/2012 | Article type: Security 50

High above the Sonnenstein district of Pirna lies Sonnenstein Castle, a partially preserved 13th-century fortress that was originally built to protect the trade routes from Stolpen to Prague and from Konigstein to Meissen. Situated on a rocky plateau about 70 meters above the Elbe, the castle has had a colorful history over the centuries, and since December 2011 has housed the administrative headquarters' district administration office of the region. As part of a public-private partnership (PPP) between the district and the Bilfinger Berger construction group (a partnership that was honored by the PPP 2011 innovation prize in Berlin on May 3, 2011), the historic building complex was fully renovated and converted in less than three years. Construction work began in January 2009 and by December 2011, Sonnenstein Castle was ready for business again. Bosch Security Systems was tasked with providing security measures at the fortress. The complexity of the site and the specific regulations relating to listed buildings meant that Bosch had to overcome a range of challenges both in terms of planning and construction.

Covering a total area of 17,700 m2, the building complex consists of the "town" wing and "Elbe" wing, as well as a car park, gatehouse, cafeteria, and library, with the car park also providing space for the public order office vehicles.

In order to protect the historic site, the series 5000 modular fire detection system was installed along with 540 fire detectors. Smoke extraction systems are used in areas that require higher levels of security, such as the server and IT rooms to ensure that fire is detected at an early stage. All emergency exit doors are also controlled via the fire panel.

More than 150 motion detectors and over 400 window and door contact points guarantee security and provide continuous monitoring via two networked intrusion control panels (MAP5000). Entry to the different areas of the building can be controlled separately. While some areas can be freely accessed by the public, other areas – such as the IT rooms – are permanently alarmed, and must only be entered by those with special admission rights. The site management also made some additional requests, such as automatic heating regulation. This requirement was met by fitting magnetic contacts to the windows. These send signals to the intrusion control panel, from where they are transmitted to the central building control system via a data interface. If it is reported that a window is open in a certain area, the heating valves are adjusted accordingly. The pay stations in the public area of the car park are also secured via an intrusion control panel.

In order to regulate access by both district administration office employees and guests, a system was installed that combines an online access control system with offline readers and digital Pegasys locking cylinders. The identification carriers for the system are multi-functional, contact-free proximity tokens that use the BSI-certified MIFARE DesFIRE EV1 method of reading and encryption. Management and administration tasks are carried out via the BIS Access Engine management system. This software also controls the numerous motor locks on all of the automatic doors. The task of integrating the existing personnel time recording system into the new system represented a particular challenge. However, the multi-functional Bosch access control system proximity tokens were able to solve this problem. Fitting them with an integrated chip in order to use printers and photocopiers means that just one single medium is required for regulating access, operating bollards and barriers, recording personnel times.

When it comes to technology, the renovation of Sonnenstein Castle and the security measures that were put in place have truly made it a 21st-century building.

Napco Releases Mobile Access Control System

Napco Releases Mobile Access Control System

Editor / Provider: Napco | Updated: 4/5/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Nacop access control software from Continental Access is supported on an ever growing number of browsers and devices. Currently, end users can have mobile access to the access control system utilizing Safari browsers in iPhones, iPads, and other Apple laptops and notebooks; phones and tablets with Android based browsers; and Microsoft IE browsers in laptops, notebooks and phones.

The access control software allows access control connectivity to remotely execute a wide assortment of access control functions. Clients can create, modify, or remove cardholders in the system allowing assignment or change to Access Privileges and other cardholder personnel information. It can also allow remote locking or unlocking of a single door, a group of doors, or all doors and remote relay control of configured devices. The C access control software can allow for remote configuration and changes of Control Panels, Card Readers, Relays, and Alarms and other Inputs for remote support; and it can run all access control software reports to remotely view System Alerts, Entry and Deny Entry events, Time and Attendance Information, Personnel Reports, and even emergency Inlist Muster information.

Assa Abloy Acquires Securistyle in the UK

Assa Abloy Acquires Securistyle in the UK

Editor / Provider: Assa Abloy | Updated: 4/5/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Assa Abloy has acquired Securistyle Group Holdings in the UK. Securistyle specializes in window hardware and its product offering includes performance friction hinges, handles and window locks.

"I am very pleased to welcome Securistyle into the Assa Abloy Group," says Johan Molin, President and CEO of Assa Abloy. "This acquisition strengthens our position in the UK, as part of our strategy to add complementary products and segments to our offering in the mature markets."

Securistyle was established in 1978 and it is based in Cheltenham, UK. The company employs 205 people. 75 percent of the products are sold in the UK, while the remainder is sold in various export markets.

Sales are expected to reach GBP 21 million in 2012. The acquisition is EPS accretive from start.

Hikvision Provides Morocco's BMCE Bank Surveillance Solution

Hikvision Provides Morocco's BMCE Bank Surveillance Solution

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 3/23/2012 | Article type: Commercial Markets

With over 620 nationwide branches, BMCE bank of Morocco is one of the nation's leaders in banking services. So, when BMCE decided it was time to build their new state-of-the-art headquarters in the city of Casablanca.

In order to secure this new facility, which just recently opened in spring 2012, a careful consideration of a number of tangent factors was made. Among these were a variety of different surveillance cameras that number well over a hundred units, a wireless locking system for the building's 50 glass doors; and security-specific software that allows management to integrate this overall solution. It was immediately apparent that the quality, and type, of DVR was paramount.

CST Securite, the installer contracted to provide this solution, knew this was a crucial decision. Not only does a DVR serve as, in effect, the brain of the entire security; but a variety of customer-specific ramifications were also at stake.

Of primary importance was the desire of CST Securite to future-proof the solution. Currently, analog cameras are utilized at BMCE's new headquarters, but a gradual change to IP-based cameras is projected in the future. To ensure a problem-free transfer, CST Securite chose Hikvision's Embedded Hybrid DVR.

Another factor was the high number of cameras utilized. The Embedded Hybrid DVR easily accommodated this need with its 16-ch 4CIF, 8-ch 720P real-time IP video input and 16-ch synchronous playback, while simultaneously providing excellent resolution with H.264 video compression.

Further impacting these discussions were a number of practical issues: such as the fact that among the many cameras already in service, not all of them were manufactured by Hikvision. These obstacles proved no match for the Embedded Hybrid DVR.'s functionality and adaptability. Further accentuating this adaptability, training required to learn the full operation of this hybrid DVR was minimal; including all DVR-specific tasks and the integration of other solution components – such as access control and alarm features.

A final technical consideration was the Moroccan government's requirement that video be stored for three months. This was easily accommodated with Hikvision's proven hardware, allowing each hybrid DVR unit to support up to 8×2TB of memory on its hard drive.

GUCCI Deploys CDVI Solution for Secure Access

GUCCI Deploys CDVI Solution for Secure Access

Editor / Provider: CDVI Gruop | Updated: 3/16/2012 | Article type: Commercial Markets

GUCCI was established in 1921 in Italy. Throughout these years, the company has become one of the most respected and luxurious brand worldwide.

The management knew that they needed an access control solution that would secure GUCCIs' headquarters in Milan. This solution had to provide a secure access with various technologies to control the elevators and manage the parking. It provides a locking solution to the different access points. The company required as well from the supplier to give a local training and support.

After collecting all the information from the customer, CDVI Italia designed the solution according to the requirements and presented the full demo at the GUCCIs' office in Milan.

GUCCIs' management Centaur solution was exactly what they needed to secure the headquarters. Centaur Solution had powerful features--DVR integration, Frontview module and Guard TourThe solution could be used in the future without any hidden costs. Centaur software included all these features as standard.

Today Centaur controls 95 accesses in the building including the parking and the 4 elevator cabins. They have used the proximity card readers for the outdoor and the card reader for the main areas of the laboratory and showrooms. The readers were mounted at the entry of the parking. Besides, the exit emergency doors were fitted with locks approved and with electric releases for the panic push bar.

After few months that the system has been running at GUCCIs' headquarters in Milan, the management has decided to implement the DVR feature.

Skyscraper in Calgary Protected by Assa Abloy Locking Systems

Skyscraper in Calgary Protected by Assa Abloy Locking Systems

Editor / Provider: Assa Abloy | Updated: 3/14/2012 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Bow skyscraper, a 59-floor office building, still under construction in Calgary, has officially become the tallest building in Western Canada. The building gets the name because of its crescent shape as well as its view of the Elbow River. With 1.9 million square feet of rentable space, the building covers two city blocks in the downtown area.

The building will be the headquarters of Encana, one of North America's largest producers of natural gas. Encana was interested in producing a world-class facility with top notch security — a total solution that offered something more than the run-of-the-mill system. While it is a high-end building with a significant investment in style and aesthetics, remaining on budget was still an important consideration.

ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions Canada presented Sargent Harmony Integrated Wiegand locks as a solution that would fulfill the building owner's security vision and budget.

SARGENT Harmony products integrate into Wiegand compatible access control systems and incorporates 125 kHz HID proximity reader technology, card reader, door position switch and request-to-exit sensor all into the lock.

Johnson Controls was the System Integrator for the job. SARGENT Harmony connected to Johnson Controls' Security Management Solution using the ElectroLynx plug-in connector solution offered by all ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions brands.

California Historic Hotel Selects VingCard Locking Solution for Security Upgrades

California Historic Hotel Selects VingCard Locking Solution for Security Upgrades

Editor / Provider: Assa Abloy | Updated: 3/6/2012 | Article type: Commercial Markets

VingCard Elsafe announces that the iconic Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, California, has completed a property-wide upgrade to VingCard Elsafe's Classic RFID locking system. The installation, which replaced older magnetic-stripe locks in all 93 guestrooms, continues the luxury resort's decade-long association with VingCard Elsafe.

VingCard Elsafe's suite of RFID locking systems feature contactless access control via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) encoded communication and secure anti-cloning software. Recent advancements to VingCard Elsafe's RFID technology has enabled RFID locks to read keycards from more than twice as far as before. Additionally, VingCard Elsafe RFID locks are designed to be easily adapted to Near Field Communication (NFC)—technology that is expected to be in widespread use globally within a few years and which will enable travelers to use mobile devices as room keys.

With so many luxury hotels expected to make the switch to RFID locks in the coming months, the move was necessary to ensure that Grande Colonial stays ahead of the technological curve, says General Manager Terrence Underwood. Sticking with VingCard Elsafe was an easy decision, he says, particularly since the Classic RFID locks are stylishly designed to easily retrofit doors that previously housed VingCard Elsafe mag-stripe locks. “The retrofitting process was a snap—each lock took only a few minutes to replace,” Underwood says.

The upgrade to RFID locks comes with a bonus perk for the seaside resort. Due to Grande Colonial's proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the salty air tends to wreak havoc on mechanical parts, including the old mag-stripe readers. Because RFID is contactless, and the lock's mechanics are completely encased, the time and effort the resort spends dealing with lock maintenance will drop dramatically.

In addition to the RFID locking system, Grande Colonial also deploys VingCard Elsafe's line of hotel in-room safe series in all guestrooms. State-of-the-art hotel in-room safe series by Elsafe UL-listed safes employ the latest locking technology, including anti-tamper labyrinths and solid-steel hinges, placing it on par with the most secure in-room safes in the world. With its industry-leading audit trail, spring-loaded door and Flash-RAM memory, the safe is perfect for protecting guests' valuables, and the attractive, adaptable design makes it ideal for any hotel environment.

Assa Abloy Supplies Access Control Solution for City Library in Germany

Assa Abloy Supplies Access Control Solution for City Library in Germany

Editor / Provider: Assa Abloy | Updated: 3/1/2012 | Article type: Government & Public Services

The new city library in Stuttgart, which opened on October 21, has been equipped with locking systems, access control systems and other security products by ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. This cube-shaped building, housing a 20,000-square-meter city library, is thus state-of-the-art in terms of both architecture and security technology.

The city library is the first public building to be completed in the new Europaviertel (Europe Quarter) currently under development in Stuttgart. The South Korean architect Eun Young Yi designed the building envelope to feature a double fa?ade with glass bricks and entrances on all four sides, creating the new city library as an inspirational center of knowledge and culture. ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH was awarded the contract for the library's security system. Specifications stated that the building entrances were to be equipped with electronic components that could be centrally managed and could integrate interior doors using mechatronic systems where required.

Measuring 44 by 44 meters, the outer fa?ade of this building is controlled by the access control system, an online-controlled system in which access authorizations are managed centrally in real time. “The city library's security officers can issue, modify or disable locking authorizations over the network at any time, leaving no security vulnerabilities,” explains Andreas Wagener, CEO at ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. To configure and administer the system, the building's security officers have at their disposal a user-friendly client software application.

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