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Suprema, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS announces strategic partnership with ProdataKey

Suprema, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS announces strategic partnership with ProdataKey

Editor / Provider: ENTERTECH SYSTEMS | Updated: 6/4/2014 | Article type: Security 50

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS, the official operating partner for Suprema in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Puerto Rico, has just announced a strategic partnership with ProdataKey, a wireless smart access control products innovator. ProdataKey will offer Suprema biometric products to their integration partners and through their network of national and international distribution channels.

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS' BioConnect application will be integrated with ProdataKey's smartaccessTM platform to seamlessly sync users between the access control panel and the biometric template. Now businesses will no longer have to manage user records in two different systems; one simple enrollment window lets them search for a user/badge and easily add biometric templates.

“ProdataKey's IP based smartaccess platform is the perfect complement to Suprema's ultra-secure biometric identity product line,” said Evan Tree, CEO of ProdataKey. “Combining our technology with Suprema biometric products and the BioConnect application means we can offer a fully integrated, end-to-end solution with unparalleled security, while enhancing ease of use and reducing cost of ownership with our long-range, mesh wireless access control platform.”

The Suprema line of biometric devices, which includes fingerprint detection, card and PIN readers as well as ENTERTECH SYSTEMS' BioConnect application, will be sold and supported through ProdataKey's authorized partner network. Applicable Suprema readers include BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini.

“Partnering with ProdataKey is a strategic step for us,” said Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS. “ProdataKey is the only company offering a long-range mesh wireless network of IP devices that can control up to 1,000 doors and we believe their integration of BioConnect and Suprema biometric devices takes ENTERTECH SYSTEMS further into the growing wireless market.”

As the first truly wireless commercial access control platform on the market, ProdataKey uses a self-healing wireless mesh platform and an open architecture that will accept any standard Wiegand input and requires no dedicated PC. Easily expandable without any licensing fees, the ProdataKey wireless access control system is the most cost-effective solution on the market today.

“Fundamentally, both companies have like-minded missions – to overcome the major obstacles to mainstream adoption of security and biometric technologies,” said Douglas. “Smartaccess provides substantial savings to both end user and integrator, and allows them to scale a system to cover virtually any size of structure or campus of structures, along with outbuildings and gates. And they can do it all without installing long cable runs or digging trenches.”

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS' biometrics for IP access control systems and workforce management solutions are purpose-built to overcome the three main obstacles to mainstream adoption: cost, complexity and on-boarding users. The company's highly responsive, results-driven technical services team works with the certified partner network to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

6 must-see RFID deployments for access control at Secutech 2014

6 must-see RFID deployments for access control at Secutech 2014

Editor / Provider: Editorial Dept. | Updated: 3/21/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) has been commonly used for diverse deployments in different verticals in order to reach better efficiency and security. In this RFID special feature, is going to introduce 6 RFID devices made for a series of access control applications produced by HUNDURE, MIDASEC, PROWELL (QUEENLOCK), SETTLER, SES SOLUTIONS, and SYRIS at Secutech 2014.

HUNDURE presented the intercom access controller - ideal to be installed in the public areas in residential building or office - combining access control, intercom, and emergency button altogether; MIDASEC, on the other hand, delivered badge transmitter targeting garage and roller door. SETTLER and SYRIS both offered systems superb for the entrance of office, private residence, and hotel elevator. Another system for residence is from PROWELL, highlighting on the 4-in-one function: fingerprint, access code, mifare card, and manual key. Last but not least, SES SOLUTIONS displayed ultra-thin card which can be deployed not only for access control, but also contactless payment in theme park and customized poker cards for gaming industry.

See more information: 6 must-see RFID deployments for access control at Secutech 2014

Morpho and Identity One provide biometric system in harsh railroad environments

Morpho and Identity One provide biometric system in harsh railroad environments

Editor / Provider: Morpho(Safran) | Updated: 5/14/2014 | Article type: Security 50

MorphoTrak, a Morpho (Safran) company based in the U.S., has partnered with Identity One as integrator to deliver a seamless biometric access and time & attendance system to a large North American freight railroad network company.

With the new integrated system, this company now enjoys improved security, as well as streamlined human resource and access control processes. From a single enrollment, an employee's secured biometric record is distributed for access control, time & attendance and compliance applications. In harsh industries such as this, only high performance biometric technology is effective due to the condition of workers' fingerprints.

“This seamless integration has achieved a very high return on investment and a high-level of user acceptance, in an industry where all other competitor fingerprint devices failed,” explains Gary Jones, Director of the Biometric Access & Time Solutions Business Unit.

“Properly deployed, biometric technology can offer a rapid return on investment, increased security and improved workflow efficiency,” says David Smith, president and CEO of Identity One. “One of our areas of expertise lies in biometric solutions specifically designed for railroads.”

More than 250 Outdoor MorphoAccess 520 (OMA 520) biometric readers were deployed across the continental United States over a 6 month period. This easy to maintain and operate solution includes custom web-based enrollment at over 70 locations and deep integration into existing human resource and payroll systems. Tough and sturdy, with an IP65 weatherproof rating, the OMA 520 is ideal for the railroad industry. For particularly harsh, cold conditions the OMA 520 can be supplied with a built-in heater for extreme low temperatures.

Suprema and ENTERTECH SYSTEMS expanded partnership to UK and Ireland

Suprema and ENTERTECH SYSTEMS expanded partnership to UK and Ireland

Editor / Provider: Suprema | Updated: 5/2/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Suprema, a global provider of technology in biometrics and security, announced with ENTERTECH SYSTEMS an expanded partnership that now includes the United Kingdom and Ireland. ENTERTECH SYSTEMS is not only the new official operating partner in the UK market but also continues operating in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, delivering Suprema biometric products and applications for use with access control systems and workforce management solutions.

“Suprema is pleased to expand our partnership with ENTERTECH SYSTEMS to now include the United Kingdom and Ireland,” says Young S. Moon, Vice President, Suprema “Their technical support team has an established track record of being very responsive, results-driven and are well-equipped to work with our local customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland to ensure complete customer satisfaction. And the new partnership is also expected to deliver an enhanced level of support amongst our local partners in the country.”

In 2013, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS won the Suprema Best Global Partner Award – the highest recognition awarded annually among Suprema's global partner network; their well-known customer service focus is one of the key reasons they have been chosen as Suprema's official operating partner in the UK and Ireland.

“We are proud to be the official Suprema operating partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland and to be backed by Suprema, the premier provider of next-generation IP access control and the global market leader in biometric access control,” says Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS.

In the UK, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS offers Suprema's line of biometric devices in all of their markets, including fingerprint recognition, face recognition, card and PIN readers. Based in Birmingham, ENTERTECH SYTEMS will be working closely with Norbain SD, a distributor of Suprema's technology and products in the UK security market, which is one of Europe's most successful distributors of CCTV, IP Video, access control and intruder detection equipment.

“The unique combination of Suprema biometric products and expert support services from ENTERTECH SYSTEMS will help increase the local technical expertise in biometrics that we can offer Norbain customers.” said Gareth Ellams, Divisional Director of Business Development at Norbain.

“This expansion is the result of our success in North America, and the unique value BioConnect has delivered to our access control partners. BioConnect is an application that provides a seamless synchronization between Suprema devices and leading access control systems, enabling easy biometric integration into existing and future deployments. Expanding our service base to the United Kingdom and Ireland and having our expert technical team available locally means we can better serve our partners and customers, many of whom have operations in both regions.” adds Douglas.

Suprema live scanners used for Uganda voter registration

Suprema live scanners used for Uganda voter registration

Editor / Provider: Suprema | Updated: 4/29/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Suprema, a global provider of technology in biometrics and identification, announced it provides Uganda several thousand RealScan-G10 live scanners for citizen voter identification.

The liver scanners will be used for voter registration in the run up to the presidential elections, which are due to take place in 2016. The first supply has been the enrolment process commenced in April 2014.

“Suprema is very proud to provide its RealScan-G10, for Uganda's National Voter Registration Project.” said Young S. Moon, Vice President, Suprema Inc. “We expect the biometrics enrolment of citizens will allow the Ugandan authorities to increase efforts to better protect the identity of citizens additionally to registering them as voters.”

RealScan-G10 is a compact live scanner for single and ten-print capture. Suprema's advanced optical technology allows high-speed image capturing and seamless image processing. The IP54-rated dust and water resistant housing makes it suitable for indoor and mobile environments. With its proven reliability and FBI certification, RealScan-G10 is widely used for civil and criminal applications around the globe.

The project is being delivered by a Suprema global partner and authentication specialist, Zetes. Zetes has previously deployed biometric electoral and identification projects in several Africa countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Cape Verde, Burundi, Gabon and Chad, etc.

Morpho joins FIDO Alliance to revolutionize online authentication

Morpho joins FIDO Alliance to revolutionize online authentication

Editor / Provider: Morpho (Safran) | Updated: 4/15/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Morpho (Safran) has recently joined the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, an industry consortium delivering standards for simpler, stronger authentication during online transactions.

“As a leader in secure identity management, we are delighted to join the digital industry's most innovative players in revolutionizing online authentication.”

Members of the alliance commit to sharing technology and collaborating on the development of open specifications that enable FIDO-compliant authentication methods to be interoperable, more secure, private and easy to use. FIDO addresses the need to develop a viable alternative to passwords.

To create a secure online ecosystem, FIDO specifications support a wide range of authentication technologies, platforms and mobile devices. By joining the FIDO alliance, Morpho will bring its expertise in authentication technologies such as biometrics (fingerprint, iris and facial recognition), Near Field Communication, Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) and secure elements (SIM cards, smart cards, USB tokens), as well as in innovative mobile devices and secure e-service platforms.

As a member, Morpho will offer FIDO-compliant products enabling banks, online service providers and mobile network operators to provide more convenient and secure access to online services.

“Morpho will contribute to FIDO's vision of more secure and convenient online authentication for a broad range of identity and payment applications. We are delighted to welcome Morpho as a Sponsor member and look forward to drawing upon their expertise in biometrics and protecting identity data,” said Michael Barrett, president of the FIDO Alliance.

“As a leader in secure identity management, we are delighted to join the digital industry's most innovative players in revolutionizing online authentication,” stated Thomas Chenevier, Senior Vice President, Products and Innovation at Morpho. “Joining the FIDO Alliance is a natural move for Morpho at a time when we are expanding our e-service offering.”

Open Options, Entertech Systems and Suprema team up for integrated access control solutions

Open Options, Entertech Systems and Suprema team up for integrated access control solutions

Editor / Provider: Suprema | Updated: 4/10/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Open Options, an industry leader in open platform access control solutions, and ENTERTECH SYSTEMS, the official operating partner for Suprema, Inc. in U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and Puerto Rico, have joined to provide an integrated and reliable solution for mass adoption of biometric access control.

As a result of this partnership, Open Options' DNA Fusion access control software now integrates with Suprema's line of biometric fingerprint detection, card, and PIN devices, including BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, and BioLite Net via ENTERTECH SYSTEMS' BioConnect application. Instead of having to manage badge records in two different systems – DNA Fusion for access control and another for the biometric templates – BioConnect is the sync between the two systems. This advantage results in allowing customers to enroll cardholders directly in DNA Fusion with information being passed to Suprema, which avoids having to enter duplicate data in two systems, saving time and labor.

DNA Fusion Version 6 – just released in March – features the expansive integration of third-party systems through Open Options FLEX API (Application Programming Interface) which provides a mechanism for external parties such as ENTERTECH SYSTEMS to develop an interface to Fusion software.

“This partnership enables ENTERTECH SYSTEMS to fulfill our mission to overcome three major obstacles to mainstream adoption of biometrics. With our BioConnect application coupled with the strength of DNA Fusion and Suprema devices, we are taking another strong step forward in reducing the cost, complexity, and user onboarding issues that have traditionally hindered biometrics adoption,” said Rob Douglas, Chief Executive Officer of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS.

“In addition to providing innovative access control solutions, Open Options develops strategic partnerships which we feel can lower the barriers to entry to newer and more sophisticated technologies such as biometrics. We are proud to be working with ENTERTECH SYSTEMS and Suprema as they are a market leader,” said Steve Fisher, Chief Executive Officer of Open Options.

Open Options products work together to provide a complete security solution including visitor management, photo ID, and more. The Open Options flagship access control software, DNA Fusion, is an open platform solution that interfaces seamlessly with other systems such as video, biometrics, and intercom. ENTERTECH SYSTEMS offers a variety of Suprema biometric technologies available for mainstream adoption and use in a wide array of markets, including critical infrastructure, healthcare, education, commercial and financial settings and more.

[Secutech2014] EverFocus total solutions for high-end home security market

[Secutech2014] EverFocus total solutions for high-end home security market

Editor / Provider: Weili Lin | Updated: 3/21/2014 | Article type: Security 50

EverFocus released intelligent door solutions for buildings. The solution consists of network access controller unit, card reader, fingerprint access control device, IP camera and user-friendly software Genie XMS. The system also supports analog and HD-SDI cameras. EverFocus acts a total solution and service provider in the high-end home security market.

The network access controller EFC302 supports two card readers, expandable to eight readers. The system goes with EAN3300, a 3-megapixel box camera, supporting true day and night surveillance. The camera supports on-board storage via a microSD or SDHC card. 12VDC and PoE are both supported for power supply. Two-way audio communication is also provided. In addition, the camera can support up to 2048x1536 video resolution, and multiple video formats like H.264, M-JPEG and MPEG-4.

Lumidigm fingerprint sensors track vaccination records

Lumidigm fingerprint sensors track vaccination records

Editor / Provider: Lumidigm | Updated: 3/17/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Lumidigm, part of HID Global, announced that its multispectral imaging fingerprint sensors, as part of a solution created by VaxTrac, will help to stop vaccine waste at 31 new clinics in southern Benin. The latest version of the VaxTrac system uses fingerprints of both mother and child for more robust identification. The use of fingerprints for vaccine tracking has already become very popular. In a preliminary assessment, the use of biometrics in the vaccination process has led to a 10% increase in the number of women returning to the clinics.

“The women are always asking for their baby's fingerprints to be taken,” affirms Aplogan Nicephore Ange-Guy, vaccinator in Allada, Benin. “There is a growing demand for it. They say to me, ‘Take my child's fingerprint.' They think it's cool.”

Without a proper and reliable means of identification, vaccine wastage rates are higher than 50 percent in some of the most challenging African locales. VaxTrac solves this problem with a biometric vaccination registry that is operated and managed in the field with low-cost mobile devices. Adult and child patients are identified in the registry with fingerprint sensors from Lumidigm. Returning patients can pull up their vaccination records with the touch of a finger, allowing the healthcare worker to deliver appropriate care.

The expansion in Benin, generously funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, includes full-scale, comprehensive training of new health workers and an updated version of the VaxTrac system that features reporting mechanisms for health workers and VaxTrac partners at the Ministry of Health, as well as a dashboard and other customized information features available at the clinic level.

"The new expansion is really exciting!” adds Meredith Baker, project manager, VaxTrac. “It's amazing to work with our Benin staff to grow what started as just a notebook and a fingerprint scanner into a vast network of highly trained health workers who are engaged with our project every day and are proud to say that they have a VaxTrac system at their clinic."

Suprema announces BioEntry W supporting HID iCLASS SE

Suprema announces BioEntry W supporting HID iCLASS SE

Editor / Provider: Suprema | Updated: 3/10/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Suprema, a global provider of technology in biometrics and security, announced the launch of a new version next generation BioEntry W access control terminal, which is embedded with HID Global's iCLASS SE smart card technologies.

In conjunction with the expansion of its RF technology, the enhanced BioEntry W was upgraded with HID iCLASS SE as well as enhancements for FeliCa IC cards which are most widely used in Japan and the region.

BioEntry W exquisitely blends benefits of IP access control system with high-level security provided by fingerprint biometrics. Featuring a vandal-resistance and IP65 rated structure, BioEntry W is ideally designed for outdoor installation while offering exceptional durability in harsh environments. With its extensive communication interfaces and PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability, it is the ultimate outdoor fingerprint terminals for access control systems in the global market.

With this enhanced version BioEntry W and its robust market presence serving as momentum, Suprema plans to reinforce and expand its business and marketing strategies globally.

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