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CEM Systems & American Dynamics secure Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries

CEM Systems & American Dynamics secure Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries

Editor / Provider: CEM Systems | Updated: 10/11/2013 | Article type: Infrastructure

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, announces that the CEM AC2000 security management system has been successfully installed at Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries main base at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. SAEI joins leading airports and aviation maintenance facilities around the world where the CEM AC2000 system is providing paramount security.

Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries is the maintenance arm of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia. SAEI maintains the entire fleet of Saudia which includes Boeing B777-200 & -300 & Airbus A320 and A330 families and provides maintenance handling at all in-Kingdom airports and over 27 international stations.

“The powerful CEM AC2000 security management system is providing high levels of security to our main maintenance base in Jeddah” said Mr. Riyadh Bakedo, Director Plant & Equipment Maintenance from Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries. “CEM's S610 intelligent readers provide access control restrictions to highly secure airside areas such as administration offices and aircraft hangers, while CEM biometric readers enable us to control staff access to our airside warehouse. We are very happy with the AC2000 system, which is set to grow and expand further”.

CEM's S610 intelligent IP card readers come with an LCD display, keypad and on-board database offering intelligence at the door. As such the reader will continue to operate and store transactions offline, ensuring zero system downtime. The S610 readers also feature sophisticated door modes such as Turnstile, Control Post and Validation mode. This enables the CEM S610f readers to critically secure turnstiles to monitor staff attendance into SAEI aircraft hangers and warehouse. The S610f reader also offers increased security by providing three levels of identity checks – ID card authentication, PIN check and fingerprint verification.

As an all-in-one Tyco Security products solution, Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) also has over 350 American Dynamics Illustra IP cameras installed to secure its maintenance base. The Illustra 400 IP cameras have one of the most powerful sensor-processor combinations available on the market and have been in operation at Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) for over two years.

VideoEdge Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are also utilised to provide a powerful, high-performance video management solution. VideoEdge records and manages video from the high-definition Illustra cameras and enables multiple video streams for live and recorded video collection.

NXP secures 2B payment and government ID Cards with SmartMX

NXP secures 2B payment and government ID Cards with SmartMX

Editor / Provider: NXP Semiconductors | Updated: 10/4/2013 | Article type: Component

NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced that it has shipped over two billion SmartMX secure microcontroller chips to the growing chip-enabled payment and government identity card markets. The increasing adoption of contactless and dual interface payments cards in the financial sector and the increasing trend to issue electronic government documents means that security chips are being used more than ever to protect personal information and data.

With digital identity theft concerns at an all-time high, SmartMX technology from NXP ensures that personal information kept on banking cards, e-passports or national ID cards is always protected. Built on NXP's IntegralSecurity process, SmartMX products have over 100 advanced features for attack protection and have achieved Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+ certification, one of the world's most trusted and robust security profiles. In the never ending race to offer advanced security protection, NXP continues to innovate and incorporate the latest technology to safeguard information. Future NXP SmartMX secure microcontrollers will feature PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) technology from Intrinsic-ID. PUF safeguards individual chips from data theft by using a unique ‘fingerprint' to protect the encryption key, therefore making the device extremely hard to clone and reverse-engineer.

“The advancements made in digital government and contactless payment cards over the years have been remarkable. For NXP, reaching the ‘two billion shipped' milestone for our SmartMX security chips clearly demonstrates the trust institutions and governments globally place in NXP to provide convenient and secure interactions,” said Ulrich Huewels, vice president and general manager, secure card solutions, NXP Semiconductors. “These organizations offer individuals peace of mind in our increasingly complex, open and connected world. It's imperative that we continue to develop best-in-class, innovative solutions that keep personal data safe.”

Serving banks all over the world, from Shanghai to London and New York to Berlin, NXP's SmartMX secures transactions on over one third of the chip-based payment cards in circulation. Just over three billion chip cards are used today and in the coming years it will increase to over two billion magnetic stripe cards, currently the most widely used type of credit card, will migrate to chip-based or contactless credit cards. This aggressive migration is primarily driven by the implementation of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) IC card standard in China and the roll out of EMV-based banking cards in the United States. In addition to security, the convenience of tap and pay offered by contactless chip cards is driving the increasing adoption of dual-interface cards. Such cards can be used in both contactless applications as well as in contact terminals like ATMs. Contactless payment cards also provide improved efficiencies in the payment process, with transaction times of less than 300ms.

NXP's SmartMX products are also the core component in a wide variety of digital identity schemes and are deployed in close to 100 countries implementing government electronic ID programs. Used in many sovereign electronic documents such as ePassports, citizen cards, national ID cards, driving licenses, social security cards and, health cards, SmartMX-based solutions protect citizens from identity theft and reduce fraud via the products' world class security features. Responding to the increasing pressure for effective online public administration processes and improved efficiencies, many governments consider electronic ID cards as the perfect solution, enabling citizens to securely and conveniently engage as needed. Electronic ID cards have become a prerequisite for an open and connected world where private and public businesses prosper.

Morpho/Safran launches new biometric access and time terminals

Morpho/Safran launches new biometric access and time terminals

Editor / Provider: Morpho/Safran | Updated: 9/26/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Morpho (Safran) announced the launch of the MorphoAccess SIGMA Series, the market's most advanced fingerprint identification terminals providing superior performance and a host of new features.

Developed following Morpho's acquisition of L-1 Identity Solution's Bioscrypt division, the MorphoAccess SIGMA Series pairs the best of both companies' strengths to deliver a superior fingerprint identification terminal. With models for indoor and outdoor use, the devices fit perfectly into existing infrastructure of legacy Bioscrypt and Morpho installations as well as new implementations.

MorphoAccess SIGMA's modern design, including touch screen and videophone functions, provides a tablet-like user experience allowing for a broad range of applications, customization and user interaction.

Morpho's fingerprint algorithms embedded in the MorphoAccess SIGMA Series deliver fast one-to-many matching against a single 100K user database, a first in the industry. These groundbreaking devices also include anti-fraud features such as face detection and duress finger for enhanced security.

In addition, they support one-to-one authentication using the most widely deployed contactless smartcard and NFC technologies.

CEM Systems protects Honeydew Dairies facilities with AC2000 access control system

CEM Systems protects Honeydew Dairies facilities with AC2000 access control system

Editor / Provider: Tyco Security Products | Updated: 9/17/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, announces that Honeydew Dairies has selected CEM's AC2000 Lite security management system to secure its factory and warehousing facilities in Nottingham Road, South Africa. The system was supplied by CEM Approved Distributor, Mustek Ltd, and installed by CEM Installer Brandfin Trade.

“Brandfin immediately chose CEM access control as the best overall solution for the job” said Alistair Mingay, Managing Director, Brandfin Trade.“CEM's AC2000 Lite system was selected by Brandfin as it not only offers integrated biometric security for staff and visitors, but also offers us the capability to integrate with future Time & Attendance systems.”

CEM AC2000 Lite system installed at Honeydew Dairies is supported using CEM's industry leading S610f fingerprint reader. The reader has been installed at turnstiles on site to provide biometric access control at the pedestrian entrances to the site. The S610f is an intelligent IP card reader and offers three levels of security – card, PIN and biometric. As an integrated solution the S610f reader eliminates the need for a separate biometric system as fingerprint templates are captured at the same time as other cardholder details are enrolled on the AC2000 system. The S610f reader successfully provides multiple layers of access control at the factory.

AC2000 Lite is an ideal solution for Honeydew Dairies” said Andrew Fulton, Director of Global Sales, CEM Systems “Not only is it easy to install, it is affordable and provides a range of powerful software features and functionality such as ID badging and Central Alarm Monitoring to enhance site operations on a daily basis”.

The system at Honeydew Dairies utilises powerful AC2000 software modules including CEM's AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging and Pass Production System), which allows factory security to produce colour coded passes and access rights for administrative, warehouse and factory staff as well as day visitors. AC2000 T&A (Time and Attendance) module has also been installed offering easy to read reports of employee IN and OUT times.

Using the AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) module, Honeydew Dairies management team has a graphical display showing all access control points and activity on the system. This real time display alerts personnel when a controlled goods door is opened and allows them to critically stop unauthorized exit or entry.

Alongside the AC2000 system, Brandfin installed automated gates for vehicle access as well as various turnstiles to control access into the different zones of the factory. The vehicle access is also monitored by a mixture of PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) and fixed video cameras which integrate with the factory control room to allow or deny access to arriving vehicles.

The installation at Honeydew Dairies was carried out smoothly and efficiently by CEM Installer, Brandfin Trade. Brandfin Trade were selected to install the system because of their wealth of experience in supporting I.T as well as cameras, access control, integration, and control room monitoring. Brandfin Trade was aided in the installation of the Honeydew and have proven competency in the CEM AC2000 product range through certified training at the CEM head office.

Established in 1994, Honeydew Dairies has grown from a small dairy farm to a large dairy producer with depots throughout the region and a fleet of 80 transport vehicles.

Precise Biometrics launches Tactivo solutions ecosystem for iOS and Android devices

Precise Biometrics launches Tactivo solutions ecosystem for iOS and Android devices

Editor / Provider: Precise Biometrics | Updated: 9/14/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Precise Biometrics announces a global ecosystem of applications for smart devices that integrates with its line of Tactivo smart card and fingerprint readers. Tactivo allows any iOS or Android app too utilize the security and convenience of smart cards and fingerprint recognition. The new ecosystem contains several types of app solutions such as email encryption and signing, secure browser and many other.

The product line of Tactivo Smart Card and Fingerprint Readers authenticates the user of an iOS or Android device through a fingerprint swipe or a smart card credential, including CAC, PIV, PIV-I and TWIC; and a mobility application. This process establishes a secure environment to streamline business processes and share information and increase both productivity and collaboration while working in a mobile environment.

This ecosystem includes a variety of partner solutions that support strong authentication to provide:
*Secure e-mail access, signing and encryption
*Secure internet browsing
*Secure verification of content from government issued smart cards
*Secure deployment of apps company-wide
*Workflow applications, such as secure sharing of information

“We will continue to grow this ecosystem as broadly as possible so that our customers have many options and will recognize a fast return on investment for their mobility initiatives utilizing Tactivo,” said Jeff Scott, Vice President of Sales for North and South America.

Int'l Sochi Airport monitored by Artec 3D facial recognition and XProtect Milestone system

Int'l Sochi Airport monitored by Artec 3D facial recognition and XProtect Milestone system

Editor / Provider: Artec | Updated: 9/14/2013 | Article type: Infrastructure

Elektronika, LLC has developed and implemented an integrated security system for the International Airport of Sochi that is to host the upcoming Winter Olympics 2014.

The network was designed in compliance with Aviation and Transportation Security legislation referring to Class I airports. It provides a wide range of functional capabilities including security monitoring and alarm situation detection, as well as its rapid response.

The entire airport premises are covered by the system network. There are over 550 HD video surveillance cameras working non-stop. The security system also involves united checkpoints and automatic alert detection. The object is monitored by a sole dispatch center collecting data from the entire airport zone.

The project is tailored to utilize intellectual capabilities of various technologies. The system is able to detect alarming situations and alert all on-duty airport security workers, as well as to facilitate required scenario execution. In case of emergency, dispatch operators receive verified and prioritized information.

Built on a singular software platform (ESM), the network combines the security technologies: video analysis, biometric access control systems based on fingerprint and 3D facial geometry recognition, electronic passes, situation management in accordance with various scenarios.

Nikolay Ovchenkov, Elektronika LLC CEO: “We have spent over a year engineering the security system of Sochi airport. One of the top-priority goals was to design a highly effective system that could be easily adapted into existing high speed work flow of the airport and become a trusted security solution. To achieve this goal we have selected the best technologies and solutions that function as a centralized network”. Victor Shesternin, Asset Protection Director Deputy, Bazel Aero: “The level of airport infrastructure security will hugely increase with installation of modern security systems, as it is highly important for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The whole project engages innovative approaches and solutions. Now, the airports of Sochi and Krasnodar are equipped with new generation systems.

More on technologies:
Incident management scenarios based on ESM platform (developed by Elektronika) ESM-based dispatch center manages the security network. ESM works with scenarios that imply certain responses to various threats, meaning that it provides event analysis and incident management with exact directions.

Benefits and innovative capabilities of ESM:
* No human factor mistakes. Each operator's performance is assessed and controlled.
* The system controls each stage of threat management.
* Capable of rapid response while complex situations
Security management system based on ESM software unites all resources offering full scale monitoring and level security automotive management, ACS algorithms and video surveillance support.

Airport access control with Broadway 3D Face Recognition System by Artec Group :
Broadway 3D, installed for airport workers access control, provides the highest security level available on the market. The system uses geometry of a human face – one of the most precise biometrics that is impossible to fool or fake. Broadway 3D was selected to be installed in the Sochi airport for its safety and fast performance. The system eliminates access of an unregistered person or unauthorized employee. In less than a second the system captures surface information, having analyzed about 40 thousand points on a user's face it builds a mathematical model and compares it to the database. It is capable of identifying a person on the walk, in hats or sunglasses. It can also tell apart identical twins. Moreover, the system offers a high throughput that is quite crucial while rush hours. Registration takes up to 2 seconds; throughput is 60 people per minute. The system of 3D facial recognition is integrated into the network under ESM management and works in a verification mode. A biometric template is stored in the database and its numeric number is assigned to each access card.

When a person enters though a checkpoint, he presents his card to a card reader. After that Broadway 3D performs facial recognition and compares it with 3D template in the database. If the information matches, Broadway 3D grants access to the person. The information is stored in ESM software. In addition, the solution is able to change work modes and algorithms of particular checkpoint per dispatcher's order.

Intellectual surveillance by XProtect Milestone system developed by Milestone
Xprotect Milestone system offers all the functions required for highly effective video surveillance, including live and recorded video view, dome and rotary IP cameras management. Milestone virtual matrix can direct video streams to any PCs which is quite important for multichannel systems of video surveillance. The solution is extremely functional, safe and has vast integration opportunities.

Sarasota County upgrades fingerprint system from Morpho/Safran

Sarasota County upgrades fingerprint system from Morpho/Safran

Editor / Provider: Morpho | Updated: 9/11/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Sarasota County, Florida Sheriff Tom Knight has a new tool that is allowing his office to find answers to old cold crime cases. The County recently completed an upgrade of their 10-year old Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), installing the world's most up-to-date and accurate fingerprint matching technology, the Morpho Biometric Identification Solution (MorphoBIS), from MorphoTrak, a subsidiary of Morpho (Safran).

The AFIS includes tenprint, palmprint, and latent fingerprint processing, and allows searches of criminal databases at the County, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI level. The MorphoBIS system architecture allows the County to easily incorporate additional biometrics in the future such as face, tattoo, and iris as needed.

“We are very pleased with our new system. Continuing our 17-year partnership with MorphoTrak was the right decision for the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office,” said Captain Jeffrey Bell of the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

“We are getting hits on old crime scene prints that were previously unidentified in our old system,” adds Brenda Viana, AFIS Supervisor."

“Morpho has continued to invest in increasing algorithm accuracy and overall performance for our AFIS technology. This translates directly to more crimes solved, more offenders off the streets, and improved public safety for Sarasota County as well as the hundreds of customers and their constituents that we serve worldwide,” says Daniel Vassy, President and CEO of MorphoTrak. “As the fingerprint provider to the FBI and the majority of the law enforcement agencies in the U.S., we are quite proud that our cutting-edge technology is helping create safer communities.”

Precise Biometrics launches fingerprint algorithm for Android devices

Precise Biometrics launches fingerprint algorithm for Android devices

Editor / Provider: Precise Biometrics | Updated: 8/23/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Precise Biometrics AB has launched a new software product designed and optimized for embedding fingerprint verification on smartphones and tablets. Precise BioMatch Mobile supports Android, and in the future will also support other mobile operating systems. The new product will be offered to mobile device manufacturers and component providers worldwide.

Precise BioMatch Mobile is a high performance product based on the top ranked algorithms in NIST's Ongoing MINEX and MINEX II evaluations. Precise BioMatch Mobile works with all major sensors in the market, both swipe and area sensors, and has been enhanced for mobile usage to allow for handset specific performance optimization beyond the recorded MINEX test performance.

Thomas Marschall, CEO at Precise Biometrics said, “This product completes our offering to the mobile market. Based on the expectation that fingerprint sensors will become a standard component on smart devices over the next 3 years, we offer a very competitive product with high performance, offering a better user experience to more people - the key to success within this business. We consider the fact that Fingerprint Cards chooses to integrate our technology with their sensors as a confirmation of the high potential in the segment for mobile embedded fingerprint technology. Together with our existing products such as Tactivo and our mobile development toolkits, we are now able to offer a complete range of products that address mobile security issues on all types of devices for a very broad range of requirements.”

MorphoTrak to get fingerprint biometric system from Identity One

MorphoTrak to get fingerprint biometric system from Identity One

Editor / Provider: MorphoTrak | Updated: 8/22/2013 | Article type: Security 50

MorphoTrak, Inc., the US subsidiary of Morpho (Safran), the biometric identity management company, has partnered with Identity One to deliver BIOGUARD, a system that identifies inmates through their fingerprints. The BIOGUARD system from Identity One is specifically designed for the demanding needs and exact requirements of the Correctional Center environment. With the added element of fingerprint matching, jail inmates will no longer be able to switch identities.

With BIOGUARD, the offender intake procedure includes capturing two of the individual's fingerprints (usually the index fingers) on an optical fingerprint capture device from MorphoTrak and entering them into a database. Later, when the individual is released, the fingerprints are again checked. The fingerprint reader scans the finger, and within less than one second, the system determines if the person is who he says he is. If the prints match, the system displays a photograph of the inmate for a visual confirmation of identity.

Maricopa County, Arizona is the first county-wide network to benefit from BIOGUARD with fingerprint biometrics. After a career criminal escaped by convincing another inmate who was being released to hand over his identity, Maricopa County detention officials realized they needed a more secure identification system than wristband-only in their jails.

“This is a simple system, but the benefit for the County is very high and they now have a biometric jail identity management platform that can be easily expanded,” says David Smith, president and CEO of Identity One. ”We are very pleased to have this new system,” says Maricopa Deputy Chief Shelly Bunn. “Our citizens and our community are now safeguarded from inmate identity fraud”.

FPC bundles Precise Biometrics' Fingerprint Algorithm into mobile

FPC bundles Precise Biometrics' Fingerprint Algorithm into mobile

Editor / Provider: Precise Biometrics | Updated: 8/22/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Precise Biometrics AB and Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) have entered into an agreement where FPC will license Precise Biometrics' fingerprint algorithm to further enhance the performance of FPC world leading capacitive sensors. FPC will bundle the algorithm into existing sensor products, primarily targeting mobile phones and tablets. The bundle will further enhance the performance of FPC sensors in terms of accuracy and speed which are important criteria especially in the fast growing mobile and tablet markets.

The integration of Precise Biometrics' algorithm to FPC products is successfully completed and FPC will start offering the bundled product to its partners and OEM customers in Q3 2013.

Johan Carlstr?m, CEO of FPC said, “FPC selected Precise Biometrics as algorithm partner due to impressive performance of their algorithm in combination with our sensors. We strive to offer the best user experience possible for embedded sensors in mobile phones and tablets. Driven by the largest mobile manufacturers in the world, several hundred million users are, in the next two years, expected to purchase smartphones and tablets with built-in fingerprint sensors. It is of paramount importance to ensure these users a smooth, convenient, and secure user experience, thus the selection of Precise Biometrics as partner in algorithms.”

“We are very pleased to work closely with Fingerprint Cards,” said Thomas Marschall, CEO of Precise Biometrics. “Forecasts by leading analysts of +1.5 billion smartphones being sold already in 2015, as well as clear signs that major players currently are working to include fingerprint sensors in their upcoming products, boosts our positive view on the market in the coming years. We also expect that widespread deployment of fingerprint sensors will positively impact our opportunities within the Match-on-Card business.”

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