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Key Specifications
Product features

Microwave range radar is an electronic sensor which can measure distance to objects by transmitting and receiving radio waves. Compared with other types of range sensors, it’s smaller,lighter, with penetrability (which can break through smoke, dust, thin non-metallic materials, etc.), and can detect multiple targets.

FM24-NP100 is a K band mm wave range radar, on which receiving and transmitting antenna was isolated.The operational principle of the radar is to measure distance to objects by calculating time difference between transmitting signals and receiving signals ,and adopts mode of frequency modulation continuous wave(FMCW).

FM24-NP100 integrates signal processing units of microwave radar,the user can obtain distance to objects by UART.For multiple targets detection and other measurement requirements,we can change working mode to obtain distance spectrum information for further process.We also can develop special solutions upon customer request.

FM24-NP100 microwave range radar has UART interface,baud rate 57600bit/s,logic level 3.3V TTL,can easily communicate with PC or other MCU to shorten development cycle for customers.

Product description

•Tuning Frequency:Min.24.000 GHz,Max.24.250 GHz

•TX power Eirp:Min. 0dBm, Typ. 6 dBm, Max.10 dBm

•Modulation type:FMCW

•Range-measurement range:Min.0.5m,Max.20m

•Range-measurement accuracy:Min.-0.1m,Max.+0.1m

•Range resolution:0.01m

•Antenna pattern HOR:78deg(-3db)

•Antenna pattern VER:23deg(-3db)

•Supply voltage:Min.4V,Typ.5V,Max.8V DC

•Power consumption:400mW

•Updating rate:10Hz

•Storage temperature:-40~+85℃

•Operating temperature:0~+70℃



We can also design and manufacture modified version about the antenna pattern,the frequency or the other electrical characteristics of the module as your need.


Our 24GHz microwave ranging radars can be used for many applications and in various situations.

•Smart home:automatic light or air conditioner active

•Intrusion detection for perimeter protection

•Door openers

•Traffic Monitoring

•Tank Level Gauging

•Collision avoidance for UAV/AGV

24GHz microwave ranging radar module FM24-NP100
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24GHz microwave ranging radar module FM24-NP100
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