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Key Specifications
Customized Hopping Frequency Video & Data Tranceiver For UGV/UAV
Product Introduction
seamless and highly safe private network in NLOS and moving conditions. The COFDM IP MESH network can be in chain network, star network, or random networks. The chain network is ideal for range extension to reach a maximum range. The star network is great for application in urban environment mission coverage. The random network allows mesh nodes to organize efficiently.IP MESH adopts Safe Guard's key technology of COFDM modulation as its core, allows a group of mesh nodes form a IP MESH provides video surveillance, radio communication, data transmission, and flexibility of IP in a private and secure network, each nodes can be configured via simple web page, such as bandwidth, frequency, etc. With its self-managing, self-healing, safety stream, the rugged IP MESH helps user operate more quickly, safely and systematically in teams reaction.

1.All MESH in a group share a same frequency
2.User friendly operation
3.It’s self-organization and self-healing
4.Fast & safe deployment
5.Simple web page configuration
6.Support LOS/ NLOS signal transmission

Frequency Range:300-4400M(Customizable)
Power supply:DC24-28V/3.5-4.2A
Modulation:COFDM/LTE/FPGA (optional)
Constellation modulation:BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM(Adaptive)
Video Input Format:Support IP Video Input
RF bandwidth:1.4/3/5/10/20MHz
External Ports:RJ45, TTL, PTT
Control Function:Support Network Management
Transmission Rate:30-100MBPS
Encryption:AES128/256 or User Defined
Transmission Distance:10-250KM
Built-in Module:Wi-Fi/GPS
Networking Capacity:32/64/128 Nodes (Customizable)

COFDM Modulation 10-250KM Long Range Date Transmitter HD Video Receiver
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