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Introduction of IP MESH system

IP MESH adopts Safe Guard''s (SFGT) keep technology of COFDM modulation as its core, allows a group of mesh nodes form a seamless and highly safe private network in NLOS and moving conditions. The COFDM IP MESH network can be in chain network, star network, or random networks. The chain network is ideal for range extension to reach a maximum range. The star network is great for application in urban environment mission coverage. The random network allows mesh nodes to organize themselves in any shape.

Unlike other wireless solutions, the IP MESH has self-managing ability. The COFDM IP MESH keeps adjusting itself when node working in moving condition, to select the best route for range extension and signal communication between each mesh node. What’s more, the IP MESH is also self-healing, when one of the node stops working, the rest of the nodes can communicate with each other directly or through one or more intermediate nodes.


SG-MESH-4 is the wireless IP MESH command center station, which is designed for outdoor application like in urban coverage, drones video surveillance, solider tactical mission deploy, etc.. The SG-MESH-4 COFDM IP MESH is integrated with tablet computer for wireless mesh network system operation and video monitoring, and MESH network topology. Also, PPT(Push-to-Talk) for voice communication is available, that is convenient to chat with others who carrying the IP MESH node. There are also built with a battery V lock for standard Sony Lithium battery mounting or other same type Lithium battery. Besides the external battery, there are also have an power charger input for battery charging after its running out of the power. WIFI and GPS function are workable, which is easy for user to identify each front end matchable IP MESH node''s location.
SG-MESH-4 is ruggedizedly designed in Pelican Suitcase, which is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof.

1. Self-developed COFDM waveform, efficient channel coding, and multi-hop ad hoc networking protocols.
2. Strong anti-interference ability
3. Forming a centerless wireless broadband network efficiently and quickly.
4. Integrated with tablet PC, battery V lock, GPS, WIFI, 4G.
5. Provide IP interface, which can realize interconnection with other IP devices.
7. Built-in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS/Beidou/4G (Mobile/Unicom) module can be customized.
8. Customized development can be provided according to customer requirements.
COFDM IP MESH Command Center Station Wireless Network System SG-MESH-4
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