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Key Specifications
Safe Guard COFDM IP MESH Radio combines with COFDM modulation, high efficiency channel coded and MESH networking protocol that realized network integration of video, data, audio, and GPS data with seamless transmission. The self-forming, self healing nodes can be deployed quickly, simple to install and highly flexible. It is designed and built for military tactical teams like special force units, anti-terror units etc. Any Non-line of sight coverage can be extended by using nodes as repeaters. Suitable for mobile command vehicle, vehicle convoy or ship-to-ship communication, border surveillance, mining operations, remote oil and gas operations, mining operations etc.

Main feature
Tactical Military Robust Wireless Mobile IP MESH Radio
1. Support Non-line-of- sight mobile or stationary communication
2. Frequency can be customized at rang of 300~3000MHz
3. Can be mesh, star, chained or hybrid network deployment
4. Networking capability up to 32 nodes
5. Self-encrypting security algorithm
6. Optional embedded H.265 video encoder
7. Support HDMI, HD-SDI, BNC options
8. Optional built-in WIFI module to connection to mobile devices and computers
9. Small and light, to be used by personal with integrated batteries
10. Provides real-time monitoring, remote configuration function

Military grade machine design, lightweight, for portable. Shell-case of metal material, military level designed and lightweight to take full consider of heat dissipation, security, harsh working conditions and other factors, and easy for deployment and operation.

USB port;USB *1
RF bandwidth;5/10/20MHz
WIFI module;Support
RF output power;1~2Watt
Modulation constellation;BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM
Working voltage;DC12V
Working current;≤2A
Power consumption;≤20W
MESH throughput;Peak 70Mbps@20MHz
Cover distance;Customized
RF MIMO port;TNC *2
Networking capability;Up to 32 nodes
WIFI antenna port;SMA *1
GPS antenna port;SMA *1
Video input format;IP video input:1080P IP Camera
Physical characteristics;Optional HDMI, HD-SDI, BNC
Protection grade;IP65
Audio input format;MIC
Working temperature;-20℃~+50℃
Audio output format;Headphone
Storage temperature;-40℃~+80℃
Video compress format;H.264
Ethernet port;RJ45*2
Tactical Military Robust Wireless Mobile IP MESH Radio
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