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Key Specifications
Why COFDM digital transmission system?

Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

1. Requires much narrower bandwidth than analog’s

2. Resistant to multi-path

3. Robust signal in NLOS (non line of sight)Performing inside buildings, through walls, and around corners

4. Error correction & strong encryption

5. High performances on aircraft, vehicles, ships

6. Performs well in high speed moving transmission

Introduction of COFDM video receiver radio modem 485 hd sdi mobile dvr for surveillance robot

SG-HC01 is a new design COFDM wireless video audio receiver from Safe Guard. It’s designed with built-in PTZ controller, which is special for transmitting from end camera movement controlling. Build in 120G SSD memory and 17 inch highlight LCD screen, it’s allowed real time video image storage, video monitoring. It also support video playback.

The convenient portable pelican case, PTZ controller, and large volume internal battery design make it wildly applied in outdoor tactical automatic project, like surveillance robot/ship, EOD robot, UAV point to point application etc.

Features of COFDM video receiver radio modem 485 hd sdi mobile dvr for surveillance robot:

*H.264 video compression;

*17" Standard Samsung LCD screen;

*Built in 120G SSD memory;

*Support RS485 data signal and video signals transmission simultaneously;

*Advanced AES 128 user-defined password encryption for the security;

*NTSC/PAL adjustable video format;

*Supports high-speed mobile NLOS ( Non Light Of Sight ) reception;

*Adjustable working frequency, bandwidth and etc;

*COFDM modulation, stable signal reception;

*1080P/i & 720P/i video resolution.

*20000mA internal battery

Parameters of COFDM video receiver radio modem 485 hd sdi mobile dvr for surveillance robot

Frequency;300-4400MHz (subdivided)

Memory; 120G

LCD monitor;17inch

RF level Input;-105dBm

RF interface;N(F)

AV output;BNC, HDMI


Power supply;AC220V / DC12V


Constellation;QPSK, 16QAM

Data PTZ control;Standard RS485


Guard interval;1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4 (optional)

Video format; PAL/NTSC

Video decoding; H.264

Resolution;1080P/i, 720P/i

Lines of horizontal;625 or 525 Line

Audio output;Analog stereo left and right channels

Data encryption;AES128 user-defined password

Voltage;AC220V±20V, DC14V~DC16V

Work environment;-30~70° C

Built in battery;20000mA


COFDM video receiver radio modem 485 for surveillance robot
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