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Key Specifications
FDD-COFDM network Radios full duplex video surveillance.
SG-FDD5W is a new COFDM modulation digital transmitter receiver with 5W output power for portable purpose. Implement of super narrowband (1MHz),low-latency and high-sensitivity capacity that is ideal for long-distance transmission and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications. With highly integrated embedded design,super-linear digital predistortion RF design and network, modulation and demodulation, full-band RF output All-in-One which help you complete the design of long-distance wireless links more conveniently and quickly. It is mainly used for multi-channel video transmission required with RS232 signals, unmanned control systems, and intelligent control system.

Products are designed according to military standards.If you have any special requirement on the design or functions,welcome to give us your idea,then we can OEM to you accordingly.Including print on with your LOGO, higher waterproof rate IP67,ect.

◆ 5W RF power output
◆ Low latency and great data send from end to end
◆ Provides great transfer rate for uplink and downlink
◆ Transparent IP ethernet and serial data telecommunication in sync
◆ Dual frequency is ideal for IP solution long-distance required
◆ Dynamic AES encryption 128bits
◆ Narrowband 1M/2M/4M/8MHz available
◆ Work well in NLOS fast moving condition
◆ Bi-directional video/data wireless communication
◆ Small in size, lightweight and low consumption
◆ Easy operation and deployment

Modulation;COFDM 2K
Working voltage;DC 11-14V
Working current;2.7A_12V
TX output frequency;555MHz (300-2500MHz selection)
RX input frequency;595MHz (300-2500MHz selection)
RF bandwidth;1/2/4/8MHz
Output power;5W
Transfer rate;2x30 Mbit/s uplink and downlink
Encryption/decryption mode;AES128 bits
RF connector;N-type *2
Ethernet;Standard RJ45 port *2
Serial port;RS232/RS485 serial port,115200bps maximum
LCD panel with keypad;Easy to set the related parameters
Dimension;200*130*60mm (Estimated value)
FDD COFDM Network Wireless military Radios full duplex
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