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Key Specifications
Name: 3G 5.0mp Wake up Sleeping mode outdoor solar libattery snapshot construction site camera no night vision

Model :

WH_5M0WGS_G_BSS4(camera built in 4cells libattery)

WH_5M0WGS_G_BSS8(camera built in 8cells libattery)

WH_5M0WGS_G_BSS12(camera built in12cells libattery)

WH_5M0WGS_G_BSS16(camera built in16cells libattery)

Main features:

1. There exists CMS for mass storage, which can manage up to three thousand front snapshot cameras and ten customer consoles to access on line at the same time. There also supports B/S browser viewing for professional version software

2. Support up to 5.0 Megapixel (2560x1920) image resolution

3. Built-in Web server for preview and configure via IE

4. Supporting Video clips recording functions, support Max up to 32G SD card for local storage. This is optional.

5. Supporting WCDMA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE Mobile Network

6. Store and forward function.

When the 3G network is not well, camera will automatically switch to 2G network. When the 2G network temporary is not available, the pictures will be stored in the camera memory and then be forwarded to the CMS or to FTP server when the mobile network is available

7. Supporting several power supplier modes:

A. Main power supply (DC12V±10%)

B. Sleeping mode camera use 20w solar panel to powered camera built in 4cells 18650 Li battery directly WH_5M0WGS_G_BSS4, Or use 20W solar panel to powered camera built in 8cells 18650 libattery directly WH_5M0WGS_G_BSS8 , Or use 30W solar panel to powered camera built in 12 cells 18650 libattery directly WH_5M0WGS_G_BSS12, Or use 30W solar panel to powered camera built in 16 cells 18650 libattery directly WH_5M0WGS_G_BSS16

C. Libattery also can act as backup battery when main power is off if don’t enable sleep function

8. Supporting multi communication ways (SMS, Email, FTP and smart and scalable integrated PC software).

9. Picture snapshot trigged by several ways:

A. On scheduled time

B. Mobile sms. User can send sms to wake up camera to take pictures

C. External Signal triggering. The camera can provide two external alarm signal interface,this function is optional, need inform when order

D. Client command ( Professional B/S architecture client support remote snapshot command )

10. Watchdog built-in assure its stability

11. It’s better suit for snapshot interval is more than 30minutes

Time-lapse GSM 3G 4G 5.0 Megapixel picture capture solar Camera no night vision
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