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  • AAS Tech / UTP BALUN

  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei
  • Address: Guiyang St Sec 2, 160-1, 4 Fl
  • Contact Person: JO Tsung
Key Specifications
--Uses an Unshielded Twisted Pair cable (UTP), to transmit full motion camera video signal in color up to 1000ft / 300m and in B/W up to 2000ft / 600m.

--No power required for video balun

--Surge / Lightning Protection

10/700 μs Pulses: 2KV

Standard: IEC61000-4-5

--ESD : Electrostatic Discharge Protection

Contact Discharge: 6KV / Air Discharge: 8KV

Standard: IEC61000-4-2

--Wave / Interference Rejection & Noise Filter Protection

Built-in Filter: 0~6HMz with Extra Interference Rejection <60db

--DC Power Lead: 12V~24V DC

Passive Video/Power Lead Balun   VPB110RJM = Male Only
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