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Key Specifications
--Built-in 16 channel passive transceivers in 1U rack mounting panel.

--Transmission distance up to 1000ft / 300m when working with passive transceivers.

--Transmission distance up to 2000ft / 600m when working with active receivers or transmitters.

--Passive; No power required.

--Built-in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) for surge protection.

--Panels can reside in the same rack as the other equipment(s), such as switchers, multiplexers, DVR, video conferencing equipment, etc.

--Perfect for larger CCTV installations, and ideal for security monitoring stations.

--Use RJ45 Jack or 16 screw type terminal to connect between units.

UTP Balun Cabling Systems and Solutions provides an answer for all your cabling needs. Our complete line of baluns allows you to easily extend your current audio/video/data system up to 1200ft and even up to 8000ft, with an active balun.

UTP Baluns are perfectly suited for applications such as these:

CCTV Security Systems – Video Balun

CCTV Surveillance Systems – Video Balun

CCTV Camera – Video Balun

Home Theatre – DVI & HDMI Balun

LCD/CRT Monitors – VGA PC Balun, VGA Extender, and VGA Distributor

Televisions – DVI & HDMI

VGA Monitors – CCTV Balun, VGA Balun, VGA PC Balun, VGA Extender, and VGA Distributor

DVD Players – DVI & HDMI Balun

PCs (Personal Computers) – VGA Monitor, Keyboard, & Mouse Long Range CAT5E Extender

Laptops/Notebooks – VGA Monitor, Keyboard, & Mouse Long Range CAT5E Extender

USB and PS/2 Devices – VGA Monitor, Keyboard, & Mouse Long Range CAT5E Extender

UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable) – Cat5E, Cat6 for Extender Balun

BNC (Coaxial Cable) – Video Signal Filter.

How does a balun work?

Baluns are used to convert between “Balanced and Unbalanced” electrical signals.

Baluns work by transforming the original unbalanced (video/power/data/etc.) signal to a balanced frequency used by a different cable, like CAT5 UTP. Not only does this reduce interference, but it also allows you to transmit a signal much longer than the original application would allow. Baluns are always utilized in pairs. One balun is needed to convert the original signal to a new frequency, and another balun is used at the other end to revert to the original frequency.

“Passive” Video Baluns do not require power, and can extend a signal up to 2000ft (B/W).

“Active” Video Baluns require power, but can extend a signal up to 8000ft (B/W).

16 Channel Passive Video Balun Transceiver - 1U  VPB1600TRJ
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