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Key Specifications

HPC-FE1-V35 adopting ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) design. It is capable of converting N*64K continuous data flow into PCM signal of E1, with a rate up to 1984Kbps (time slot 0 is used to transmit synchronizing information). Subscriber data is put within E1 frame, occupying only the needed time slot. Time slot is distributed freely according to the demand of the subscriber. When subscriber data rate is up to 2048Kbps, line transmission is of full transparent mode, i.e., non-framing structure.


Support V.35 rate N*64kbps(N=1~31);

Support four clock modes;

Support local analog/digital loopback;

Support remote loopback function;

Provide false random code test function;

V.35 interface uses M34 standard connector;

E1 interface supports framing and non-framing modes;

E1 interface balanced 120ohm/unbalanced 75ohm optional;

Support stand-alone type or 19-inch rack-mounted structure;

Support DC-48V or AC 220V power supply optional;

Support 0-50°C wide operating temperature range;

Framed E1 to V.35 Converter
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