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Key Specifications

The MW1040-I-R is an industrial-grade RS-485/RS-422 repeater and converter, which can convert the RS-485/RS-422 signal in high rate with 3000V optical isolation, It provides 1-port RS-232 and 2-port RS-485/422. RS-485/422 supports serial port self-adaption technology that can identify RS-485/422 serial port automatically without the need of setting the switch. Serial ports are equipped with 1500W surge protection, 15kV electrostatic protection and 3kV photoelectric isolation protection, effectively avoid damage caused by lightning strikes, surges and other factors.

MW1040-I-R supports serial data rates up to 115,200bps, auto-sensing and self-adjusting, no DIP switch or jumpers are required, which widely used in electric power system, industrial automation control, IC card charging system and measuring instrument, distributed data acquisition and other occasions.


▪ Support bidirectional data conversion between 1-port RS-232 and 1-prot RS-485/422;

▪ Support RS-485/422 repeater function, communication distance up to 3Km(9600bps);

▪ Plug and play (hot-pluggable);

▪ Built-in 1500W surge protection, 15kV static protection and circuit protection;

▪ Support 3000V optical isolation;

▪ Supports high-speed serial data rates: 300 to 115200bps;

▪ Support DC12-36V wide voltage input;

▪ Data direction auto-turnaround, no software drivers or flow control is required;

▪ Support DIN-Rail or wall mount installation;

▪ Working temperature range:-40~85°C;

▪ Warranty:5years
Industrial RS-485/RS-422 Isolator/Repeater/Converter, 3000V Opto-isolation
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