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Key Specifications

MWF501-D is a rugged, industrial grade, multi-functional, Din-Rail RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 to fiber optic converter which can converts either full-duplex, half-duplex RS-485 or full-duplex RS-422 data up to 20km with single-mode cable. the device is fully plug-and-play, and support up to 255 fiber nodes.

MWF501-D can be configured as a daisy-chain or a self-healing/redundant ring fiber network, when configured as a ring fiber network, the built-in self-healing feature allows the data to be transmitted clockwise or counterclockwise; therefore, failure of any individual converter will not affect other devices located on the same fiber ring, making the entire data network more robust and reliable.

MWF501-D resistant to radio and electrical interference, such as EMI/RFI, transient surges and ground loops, built-in 600W surge protection, 15KV ESD and circuit protection, and it overcomes the limitations of conventional point-to-point fiber network and expands the serial data network in terms of distance, flexibility and reliability, widely used in various industrial controls, distributed data acquisition and other occasions, especially suitable for power system automation, traffic control and other departments.


▪ Support 1-port RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 to Fiber;

▪ Support Self-healing, Redundant Ring function;

▪ Supports up to 255 fiber nodes;

▪ Supports up to 128 nodes of RS-485/422 devices per fiber node;

▪ Plug-and Play(hot-pluggable);

▪ ST/SC/FC fiber optic connectors optional;

▪ Fiber optic range up to 20KM;

▪ 600W surge protection;

▪ 15kv static protection(ESD);

▪ Built-in selectable 120-Ohm end-of-line terminator for RS-485/RS-422 busses;

▪ Signal flow is automatically identified and transparently transmitted;

▪ Imported optical transceiver module to ensure the transmission distance;

▪ The baud rate adapts without changing the user protocol;

▪ Industrial design, aluminum housing;

▪ Support DIN-Rail installation;

▪ Support DC12-48V or AC/DC 220V;

▪ Working temperature range:-40~85°C;

▪ Warranty:5years
1-port RS232/RS485/RS422 Over Fiber Converter, Self-Healing/Redundant Ring
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