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Key Specifications
The EM1000 is Tibbo's most powerful and versatile BASIC-programmable embedded module.

The module's hardware is a potent combination that includes 100Base/T Ethernet, four serial ports, onboard flash, EEPROM, RTC with onboard backup power, and abundant I/O lines (up to 53!) to interface with external LCD, keypad, buzzer, and card readers.

Thus, the EM1000 is perfect for designing data collection and automation devices such as access control panels, time and attendance terminals, inventory control systems, factory floor automation terminals, and so on.

The EM1000 is excellent for prototyping your projects -- its pin pitch is standard 2.54mm (0.1'). The module can also support Wi-Fi communications


Based on high-performance purpose-built 88MHz T1000 IC

10/100BaseT auto-MDIX Ethernet port (no magnetics).

Optional Wi-Fi interface (requires GA1000 add-on module).

Four high-speed serial ports (CMOS-level):

Baudrates of up to 921,600bps;

None/even/odd/mark/space parity modes;

7/8 bits/character modes;

Full-duplex mode with optional flow control;

Half-duplex mode with direction control;

Encoding and decoding of Wiegand and clock/data streams.

Up to 1024KB flash memory for firmware, application, and data.

2KB EEPROM for data storage.

RTC with backup power input (optional onboard supercapacitor).

Supports external LCD and keypad.

Programmable square-wave output for external buzzer.

Up to 53 general-purpose I/O lines (including 8 interrupt lines).

Four control lines for status LEDs.

Software- and hardware-controlled onboard PLL.

Reliable power-on/brown-out reset circuit.

Power: 230mA @ 3.3V (100BaseT mode, PLL on).

Dimensions: 38.4x28.4x5.5mm.

Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network.

EM1000 Basic Programmable Embedded Module
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