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Key Specifications

The Intrunet E-Line motion detectors strike a new installation path: the EoL concept patented by Siemens measurably shortens the installation time. Installers now have the possibility of using EoL circuit boards (PCBs) in place of traditional resistors. Every EoL PCB provides a sequence of resistance values for the most common control panels that are combined via DIP switches. Manually wired resistors are thereby superfluous. What remains is the usual wiring of the detector with power and signaling cables. Compared with conventional procedure, installation is faster, simpler and less error-prone. Field tests with external installers and internal experts have shown that the installation time including troubleshooting can be reduced by more than 50 percent.

High detector accuracy
The E-Line range comprises wired detectors with single and dual technology as well a wireless model. All models are available with or without an anti-mask functionality. The following features enhance the accuracy of the products: the simple and customer-specific adjustment of the field of view (curtain or volumetric); the compensation for white light; independent sensitivity and range adjustment for PIR and microwave radiation; immunity against false alarm due to pets (switchable from 12 kilo to 30 kilometers), as well as the possibility to adjust the field of view from 6 to 18 meters – currently the widest field available on the market. Grade 3 detectors with antimask also enable 12 kilo pet immunity to be combined with look down zone without any loss of creep zone protection. Two frequencies can be selected for dual detectors, through which solutions can be found even for challenging applications due to environmental conditions. The microwave transmitter can switch from 10 GHz (X-Band) to 24 GHz (K-Band), thereby reducing the probability of false alarm. In challenging applications the K-Band's better directive efficiency makes it the frequency of choice. This applies for example in thin-walled rooms, where persons outside of the monitored area could be detected, or in rooms with a high spatial density of detectors, which could induce interference. Following successful installation the range of coverage of each detector is checked by means of a so-called walk test. The walk test can be initiated either through the control panel and the detector's test output, or directly through the DIP switch on the detector. In both cases LEDs with high luminosity simplify the test, since they remain clearly visible at a distance also in daylight.

Simplified logistics
The straightforward range consists merely of four wired and one wireless model, which simplifies logistics and warehousing. The housing base place is identical for all models, while two designs differentiate the cover. All possible application cases can nevertheless be handled, since the detectors with their various functionalities can be combined at the user's discretion. Thanks to the EoL concept, stocking of traditional resistors is no longer necessary.

Intrunet E-Line from Siemens is the first complete range of motion detectors certified according to EN 50131-2-2:2008 and EN 50131-2-4:2008 standards for intrusion alarm systems. With the more stringent testing procedure effective since 2008, all products are reviewed by an independent institute. Every possible test situation is thereby considered and must be fulfilled to 100 percent.

The E-Line motion detectors are part of Siemens' comprehensive Intrunet portfolio, consisting of high-performance wired and wireless intrusion detection products. Along with a full range of control panels, operating devices and peripherals, practically all imaginable applications can be realized. E-Line detectors are in addition compatible with all control panels available on the market.

Siemens Intrunet E-Line Motion Detectors
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