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  • Country: Sweden
  • Address: Precise Biometrics AB, Box 798, 220 07 Lund, Sweden
  • Contact Person: Ola Andersson
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Two strong authentication options are now available for iOS apps. With the new Tactivo smart cases, iPad and iPhone apps can leverage unprecedented authentication options, from simple password replacement to combining authentication with other device features such as GPS location.

Leveraging credentials users already have, app developers can build in stronger authentication and identification. Whether smart card or fingerprint—or both—are required, Tactivo works.

The Precise iOS Toolkit enables developers to implement self-contained authentication or integrate with third-party identity managers and service providers, so Tactivo can be used with a virtually unlimited number of apps. Attractive Case Design

Designed specifically for the iPad, Tactivo echoes the sleek form and Apple aesthetic. The Tactivo case introduces multi-factor authentication options while maintaining access to the iPad buttons and connectors, including the ability to charge the device without removing the case.

* iPad case with built-in smart card and fingerprint reader
* Designed to accomodate the iPad Smart Cover
* Toolkit enables integration to other apps, third-party identity managers, and service providers
* Two versions: one for iPad (4th generation) and one for iPad (3rd generation) and iPad 2 
* Supports iOS 6.0 or greater 
* Connects to iPad directly through the native Lightning or 30-pin connector 
* iPad charging through wall outlet with micro USB without removing case
* Upgradeable firmware
* Integration into 3rd-party apps using Precise iOS Toolkit
* Apps available through and App Store

Precise Tactivo Smart Card/Fingerprint Reader for iPad
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