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150 Megapixel Lenses 3.5μm E.F.L 55mm Φ67 < 0.01% Low Distortion FA Machine Vision Factory Automation Positioning Measurement China Camera Optical Line Scan Lens

High resolution : 3.5μm 150 Megapixel
Large format: Φ67
Magnification : 0.5x ~ 0.01x
Low distortion : Low distortion 0.01% for measurement and vision
Application : Automation, machine vision, medical, life science, measurement.

Model 型 号 SLS5515M72-150M ( Download )


0.5x 0.4x 0.3x 0.2x 0.1x 0.01x

W.D 工作距 97.55mm 128.3mm 179.1mm 280.6mm 585.9mm 6074mm

Resolution 3.5μm

Distortion 畸变 0.01%

Angle of view ° 29°

Max format φ67

E.F.L 焦距 55mm

Aperture 光圈 F4.5~22

Mount 接口 M72*P0.75

Dimension 尺寸 Φ79.2*69.3mm

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Cell: 86-18949838193 Email: Line/Skype/wechat: soyocctv
Line Scan 150Megapixel Lenses  3.5μm <0.01% Distortion
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