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Key Specifications
High resolution : 25 megapixel cover all 8K & 4K
Large format : 1.2" size covering 1.1", 3/4, 2/3", 1/1.8", 1/2" camera
Low distortion: 0.39% TV / -0.28% Optical low distortion for machine vision
Application : Automation, machine vision, medical, life science, ITS, SMT, AOI

Model 型号 S12MV1224-25M

Resolution 像素25 Megapixel

Format 靶面1.2" (2.74μm)

Focal Length 焦距12mm

Max image circle 最大像高Φ19.3mm

Aperture (Close) 光圈F2.4 Manual iris

Angle of View (°) 视场角1.2"76.2*62.4*55.33

M.O.D 最近物距0.1m

Relative Illumination 照度

81.4% ( WD=300mm F2.8 )

Distortion 畸变0.39% ( TV ) ; -0.28% (Optical )

B.F.L 光学后焦18.5mm , WD=600mm

CRA 光线夹角6.02°

Size 尺寸Φ50*66.96mm

Projector 投影解像Center ≥200lp/mm; Edge Φ16 ≥160lp/mm

Mount 接口C


Marks 备注AT430~680nm T≥85%; 15G Element
12mm 1.2
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