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Key Specifications
Net2 Entry is the most advanced, yet simplest door entry system available. Easy to install, with intuitive features and an attractive touchscreen monitor; its stylish and discreet design means that Net2 Entry looks good in any environment.

Net2 Entry allows someone inside a building to identify a visitor before they are granted access. Upon recognition of the visitor via high quality audio and colour video monitor, the person can grant or deny entry as appropriate via the touchscreen monitor to open the exterior door. It''s also easy to use Net2 Entry with Net2 access control and configure your system to allow day to day access for those who have a Net2 token or PIN.

Just 3 components - monitor, panel and control unit

* Components auto detect for easy installation

• Truly scalable system - expands using a standard PoE extension switch

* No complex wiring or components - no need for specialist wiring diagrams

* Vandal resistant panel options - flush mount, surface mount and surface mount with rain hood

* Secondary ONVIF compliant camera integration for extra security

* Intruder alarm integration for ultimate convenience

* Video voicemail

* Icons and images provide a more intuitive system

* Demo mode - explore the system prior to installation

* Inbuilt Paxton proximity reader for a complete solution

Paxton Net2 Entry
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