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Key Specifications

.Unique Dual-Side Detection Area of the BX-80N can protect both sides of windows when placed between them. 24m (80 ft.) long range detection.

.Common causes of false alarms such as RFI and unwanted sunlight can be greatly reduced by patented Double Conductive Shielding.

.Slim and stylish, the BX-80N will blend into any architecture.

.Double Conductive Shielding

.Easy Installation

.Audible Alarm Function


-Detection Method:Passive Infrared

-Coverage:24m (80ft.) (12m [40ft.] on each side)

-Detection Zones:4 zones (2 zones on each side)

-Sensitivity:1.6C at 0.6m/sec.(3F at 2ft./sec.)

-Detectable Speed :0.3 - 2.0m/sec. (1 - 6.7ft./sec.)

-Power Input:10 ~ 28VDC

-Current Draw:Normal 28mA Max. 38mA

-Alarm Period:2.0 ∮ 1.0 sec.

-Relay Output:2 Relay Outputs N.O. and N.C. 28 VDC 0.2A (Max.) each

-Tamper Switch:N.C. Opens when cover removed

-Area Check Mode:ON or OFF

-Warm-up Period:Approx. 45 sec. (LED blinks)

-Volume of Audible Alarm:Approx. 70dB (at 1 meter distance)

-LED Indicator:LED is blinking during warm-up period, Alarm condition

-Operating Temperature:-20C to +50C (-4F to +122F)

-Environment Humidity:95% (Max.)

-RF Interference:No Alarm 20V/m

-Mounting:Wall (Indoor/Outdoor)

-Mounting Height 0.8 - 1.2m (2.7 - 4ft.)

-Weight:400g (14oz)

-IP Rating:IP55

-Accessories:Mount screw (M4 x 20) x 2

BX-80N/80NR PIR for Outdoor
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