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Key Specifications

REDHAWK is a software application which works in conjunction with Milestone XProtect VMS platform (Corporate and Enterprise), OPTEX's LASER Sensors REDSCAN and PTZ cameras with absolute positioning.

Two key elements:
- the exact X & Y coordinates provided by the REDSCAN laser sensor
- and a GPS-Referenced Map that plays a leading role in the system configuration.

Key features
The REDHAWK allows to track automatically one or multiple targets across sensors and cameras. It can follow up to 20 targets to the exact GPS coordinate. In case of multiple targets the software will “draw” a virtual box containing all the targets and will track its centre point.

The application will trigger the cameras to zoom out so the security operator can have the best visual awareness and understand what is happening in the scene. The application works both horizontally and vertically.


Optex REDHAWK auto-tracking and view stiching application
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