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Key Specifications

OPTEX’s outdoor PIR detectors (excluding the LX series) utilize the Multiple Detection Pattern technology, where two double-layered detection patterns (upper and lower) have to be activated to generate an alarm condition. This reduces false alarms, particularly those caused by temperature changes, light reflection and small animals.

By utilizing originally developed pyro-elements, it creates a configuration area consisting of 94 high density detection zones. Also the AND detection pattern technology requires both detection areas have to be activated in order to generate an alarm condition making it more tolerant to false alarms caused by small animals or pets.

* No trenching or wiring required allows for a quicker and less expensive install.
* End user will experience less downtime to business operations.
* iSeries version includes Inovonics EN1941 transmitter and batteries pre-installed, allowing for a quicker set-up time on job site.
* Dual PIR feature greatly increase stability outdoor and drastically reduces any false or missed alarms.
* Units can be easily relocated based on changing site conditions

Optex iSeries Wireless Outdoor PIR Detector
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