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Key Specifications

OpenSight is designed to let users consolidate and share information from video surveillance and other security systems that are not within a single entity. For example, a school may wish to allow the local police to monitor select cameras of the school's security system. With OpenSight, the police can now view the school's designated cameras within the police department's own Ocularis map without the need for a separate login into the school's system. What's more, many other schools can be added to the same view.

When implementing OpenSight in this example, a school would grant the police department the user privileges and access rights they choose. These rights and privileges can then be different for its own internal personal use. If this school has multiple locations (such as a university) it may wish to share information between them in one integrated map. With OpenSight, these cameras, access control and other alarms and events can all be monitored within one unified map using Ocularis.

With OpenSight, a remote user can now view an entire installation without having to log out of his or her own Ocularis system. This capability enables Ocularis users to make specific cameras always accessible to other users such as the police or neighboring companies. The new feature enables customers to expand their network surveillance capabilities by allowing different systems' maps to be integrated into one view, making the handling of alerts and meaningful events even more efficient.

OnSSI Ocularis OpenSight Video Management System
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