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Key Specifications
Ocularis' Video Content Analysis from OnSSI enables rule-based detection of movements and patterns, including time-lapse events. Multiple detectors can be applied to a single camera, and analytics rules can be linked based on predefined sequences of events to create complex detection scenarios. Modules include movement-in-zone, directional line crossing, crowd size, tailgating, loitering, grouping, people/vehicle counting, abandoned object, illegally stopped vehicle and road obstacle and object removal. Proven algorithms and filters provide reliable detection and low FAR even in challenging environments like railroad, tunnels, dense vegetation and water vessel detection. Industry-specific analytic modules extend the functionality of the entire IP-video platform beyond security and safety to applications including transportation, retail and loss prevention. These modules also support analysis and alerts for composite events, such as integrated radiation detection with video surveillance functionality.
OnSSI Ocularis Video Content Analysis
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