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Key Specifications

MobileCamViewer allows OnSSI customers to view live video streams on mobile devices including iPhone, BlackBerry and various cell phones.

MobileCamViewer, which is available as a service (SaaS) or with enterprise local

installation, streams live, high-quality video from OnSSI's Ocularis SMB and Ocularis DS, NetDVR and NetDVMS NVRs to users' mobile devices. The MobileCamViewer client server system is compatible with more than 95 percent of available mobile devices including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Nokia, and Motorola. Instant access to live video and PTZ control of cameras, via MobileCamViewer, creates an efficient and flexible surveillance solution for first responders.

The integration of MobileCamViewer with OnSSI's video management platform will provide security professionals in government agencies and in enterprise, industrial, and educational settings with live, high-quality video intelligence on their mobile devices. This capability will help security professionals using OnSSI's NetDVR and NetDVMS to reduce response times and react to situations or incidents in a more informed way."

OnSSI MobileCamViewer
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