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Key Specifications

* Support for network cameras by all manufacturers

* Support for MPEG-4, MJPEG, H.263 and H.264

* Standards-based, open-architecture technology, running on non-proprietary hardware

* Unlimited scalability - no limit on number of NetEVS recorders, and no software-imposed limits on number of cameras per recording server.

* All recording servers, connected devices and users are centrally managed by the NetEVS management server. All configuration data is stored in a central SQL database.

* Push software upgrades to remote recorders - eliminates the need to update each recorder locally.

* Flexible rule-based management - camera definitions, output actions and storage location can dynamically adjust based on schedule (multiple time profiles) or on-event, with simultaneous configuration of entire device groups connected to multiple recorders.

* Flexible storage allocation - storage allocation, based on either size or retention period, is allocated per camera or camera group.

* Automatic detection and model identification of connected devices - NetEVS will scan the entire camera network or IP address range to identify new or modified cameras and encoders.

* Detailed auditing tools - all management operations, including system configurations, event definitions, rules and alerts, are logged at a central SQL database, with local offline log caching.

* Multicasting support - allows a large number of users to simultaneously access the same live video stream (must be supported by the network infrastructure).

* Multi/dual-stream support - separate video streams, at different resolution and video format settings, can be assigned for live monitoring and recording.

* Support for IPv4 and IPv6 (128-bit addressing), as well as DNS and NAT (Network Address Translation.)

* Runs on multiple networks for increased security and improved bandwidth management.

* Remote User Authentication - based on Microsoft Active Directory or local Windows user accounts.

* Recorded video can be exported for court evidence in JPEG, AVI or multi-camera database format.

* Integration with physical security (access control, contact closure and more), video content analytics and transaction systems; composite alerts generated via Ocularis Event Fusion.

OnSSI NetEVS Software Suite
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