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Key Specifications

* The radar signals are brought back to the control room and overlayed on the latest Google Earth Screenshot of the site. This way location, speed and direction of any intruders are immediately visualized.
* The radar controls PTZ cameras to automatically zoom in, follow and display activity on a separate screen in the control room. This enables the operator to quickly assess if a disturbance is an intruder or can be disregarded.
* Signals from the natural background, such as trees moving in the wind, rabbits playing and large birds flying past, are filtered out by the software in order to minimize alarm raising incidents.
* Supplied as a GPR base with a vacuum formed random the 350-X is IP67 rated with a temperature specification of -20°C to + 60°C. The solution is also available as a ruggedized model, I350-X, with cast aluminum base, random machines from solid and other harsh environment features. The I350-X is available as a hot climate unit rated to +70°C or a cold weather unit rated to -40°C.
* The 350-X operates at 77GHz with a scan speed of 1 rps in a 360°. Powered by 24V DC the unit consumes 25W and emits 10m Watts. The interface is standard 100 base-T Ethernet though an environmentally sealed RJ45.

Navtech Radar 350-X Radar Activated Surveillance Solution
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