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Key Specifications
***Brief Introduction***

- Up to 64 Channels

- Support all Hikvision IP cameras, video servers and DVRs

- Max 2M pixels recording

- Mobile live view

***Detailed Introduction***

NVR+ IP Surveillance system is a PC based network video management system to record audio and video over TCP/IP Networks. It can work with multiple brands of IP device comprising of tens of models, including Megapixel IP Cameras, IP Box Cameras, IP IR Cameras, IP Dome Cameras, IP Speed Dome Cameras, and Video Servers all at once.

With mobile stream server and feature-rich NVR+ Client, customers can reach video surveillance data from any location at any time using a desktop computer, laptop or PDA.

===Supported Hikvision Device ===

- All Hikvision IP cameras and video servers

- DS-4000 DVR cards for analog input

- All Hikvision standalone DVRs

===Outstanding features ===

Up to 64 analog / IP channels

Support a complete lines of IP cameras

Max Megapixels resolution recording

Triple Monitors for monitor & playback & alarm

Intuitive GUI Operation

Flexible schedule recording

Instantly playback

Intelligent recordings search

Alarm IO integration

Support dual-stream compression

Mobile live view



Manage up to 64 channels from Megapixel cameras, IP Cameras and video servers.

Dependable, robust and stable system with fully modulated design.

Support multi-stream transmission;

Local Stream for high definition central storage

Alarm Stream for customized recording quality and frame rate on alarm

Network Stream for fluent remote access

Mobile Stream for PDA view and non-IE Browser view

Complete system and event log database


Realtime monitoring

1/4/6/9/10/13/16/25/36/48/64-screen view

Group cycle view

Automatically adapt to any monitor resolutions

Built-in PTZ control

Drag camera window to re-arrange preview layout

Realtime multiple events monitoring and filter

Instant response modes, On Monitor, Recording, PTZ Preset Reaction, Audio, SMS, Email, IO Device, snapshot


Powerful storage strategies, can allocate customized storage space / recording days to any channel (s), and the important cameras can be stored in dedicated disk groups.

Advanced disk pre-allocation technologies to improve recording efficiency and reduce disk fragment dramatically.

Channels recording at system backend, regardless previewing or not.

Multi-zone motion detection recording with pre-event recording (this will help to record the complete motion event)

Adjustable alarm recording quality, frame rate and resolution. for example, set CIF 10fps as normal continuous recording, and set 4CIF 25fps as motion detection recording.

Flexible recording schedule, Continuous, Continuous + Event + Motion, Continuous + Event, Continuous + Motion, Event, Motion, Manual.


Max. 36 channels time-line based synchronous playback.

Same playback GUI for local playback, remote playback, and backup file playback.

Intelligent search for easy locating of motion events in recorded files.

Support frame by frame playback.

Multiple backup modes, USB stick, USB HDD, DVD/CD-RW, etc.

Remote access

Up to 128 channels remote view at the same time from Client application;

Up to 36channels synchronous remote playback from multiple servers.

Provide live stream view for PDA and smart phone access.

Provide motion picture view for most of the mobile phones

Access video from IE browser or non-IE browsers, such as, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

===Supported OS===

Windows 2000/2003, Window XP, Windows Vista

NVR Software to manage all Hikvision Device
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