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Key Specifications
Slim swing barrier optical turnstile, optical swing barrier turnstile is designed with slim cabinet allows optical turnstile use in compact spaces

Swing barrier optical turnstile JDBZ-26 is designed with slim, elegant and stylish apperance, operating in a smooth, fast and reliable way with low noise and low power consumption. As an effective crowd control solution for the applications requiring rapid throughput and modern design bleding into the aesthetics of the surrounding space, optical swing barrier turnstile JDBZ-26 is often installed in upscale corporate lobbies, high rise building entrances, luxury apartment complexes, universities, and anywhere else where autonomous entry and aesthetics are important.

Swing barrier optical turnstile JDBZ-26 is flexibly compatible with all access control systems with dry contact output, such as the RFID card system, face recognition, temperature checker system, coin operated system, Bar code system, ensuring one person, one passage each time. Finally, swing barrier optical turnstile JDBZ-26 provides single directional and bi-directional entry control, and automatically release the passage for free access In case of power failure or emergency.

Swing Barrier optical Turnstile Features
1. Smooth and fast opening of barriers
2. Solution for disabled and trolley access
3. Free egress in emergencies or loss of power
4. Quick and precise panel movement and alignment
5. Motorized panels open quickly and smoothly away from the user
6. Slim cabinet allows optical turnstile use in compact spaces
7. Upscale look suitable for any premium lobby
8. Run more smoothly and stop quickly after being blocked
9. Streamlined design with a more modern aesthetic
10. Adopt more reasonable electric control and layout to improve the protection level

Swing Barrier optical Turnstile Applications
Large venues
Commercial buildings
Fitness center

Swing Barrier optical Turnstile Parameters
Housing Material: cold-rolled sheet
Dimension: 1400 x 200 x 980mm
Power Supply: AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz
Channel Width: 600~900mm
Drive Motor: DC 24V brushless motor
Pass Speed: 30 ~35 persons per minute
Input Interface: Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
Rotating Direction: Bi-directional
Communication interface: RS485
Gate open when power failure: Yes
Open Time: 0.2 second
Life Cycle: 3 million times
Working Temperature: -30°C~+70°C
Working Environments: Indoor, outdoor (with shelter)
Swing Barrier Optical Turnstile JDBZ-26
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