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  • Country: Canada
  • City: Cranbrook
  • Address: 15 9th Avenue South Cranbrook, BC V1C 2L9
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Key Specifications
The CADS the most advance the latest Anti-Drone CAUS Solution that is modular system that layers and fuses 3D radar, EO/IR optics, radio frequency detection, jammer and electronic warfare for remote take over and control. This allows for up to 10km of detection and 2-5km of neutralization of hostile UAV''''s as well as incoming fire like Artillery and mortars for complete airbase defense and control.

The CADS is a Complete Anti-Drone and air defense System that is custom built to defeat consumer-grade small rotor UAVs/Drones as well as military grade UAV''''''''s and weapon fire like rockets, missiles and Artillery. Our solution is scalable solution to meet the the needs of industry all the way to air based defense and everything in-between by utilizing consumer and military grade field proven countermeasures to suite the mission objective, application and budget.

Counter rocket, artillery, mortar Drone C-RAMD

Active Countermeasures
Our systems employers a variety of soft and hard kill countermeasures and can be equipped with:
Wide Spectrum Jamming
Take Over RF Control
HEW High Energy Weapons (Laser and Microwave)
Kinetic Ballistic (Bullets or missiles)
Directional EMP
Code Jamming/ Laser Interference
UAV with a net gun for capture and recovery

Infiniti Electro-Optics combines the most advanced infrared electro-optics and video surveillance technologies to create customized solutions for high-end surveillance, perimeter defense, and 24/7 threat detection and neutralization.

Most companies only offer fixed configurations, however because of the high cost and complexity of these technologies, we prefer to custom-build complete end-to-end solutions based directly on the customer’s specifications and budget. Every situation is unique and has different needs; we want to ensure that you’re getting the best value solution with the performance you require.

Infiniti Electro-Optics is a company that is continually striving to push the level of surveillance security by creating and using the most advanced technology available. Infiniti puts the customer first with solutions that are designed and built with the client’s needs as the main priority.

The exact details are not publicly available due to the nature of the product starting the sales process require vetting and preliminary export approval. Evaluation Testing and training can be accommodated at Airforce or training base with appropriate approvals.
Whatsapp/Signal: 1-250-919-7506
Anti UAV Drone Long Range Detection & Neutralization + EO/IR PTZ
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