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Key Specifications
Neptune is a rugged military grade IP 67 gyro stabilized multi sensor thermal & visible/NIR payload for up to 20km of vehicle detection at night using a 19~275mm MWIR cooled thermal camera. Not only does the Neptune boast ultra logn range thermal it also comes with up to 49x optical zoom HD VIS/NIR ultra HD 4k camera with integrated fog filter.

Key Features:
› Long-Range Day/Night PTZ Camera System
› 2MP, 4MP or 8MP High-Resolution CMOS Sensor
› HD Lens with 22X, 30X, 36X, 38X or 49X Optical Zoom
› Optical Field of View Options ranging from 70° to 1.2°
› ZLID™ for up to 2km Night Vision in Complete Darkness
› Thermal Imaging for Long-Range Detection up to 20km*
› Designed for Operation in -30°C to +60°C
› Rugged IP67 Weatherproof Housing
› High Resolution Pan/Tilt for Smooth Operation
› Control via RS485/Pelco-D or Octagon Bridge/API
› Integrated Optical Fog Filter on select models

See Further with Thermal
An optional thermal imager lets you see further than
any other night vision technology. Unlike traditional
visible cameras, thermal imaging uses heat rather than
light to see objects. Humans, animals, and vehicles
are hot in contrast to most backgrounds, making
trespassers hiding in shadows or bushes easy to
spot. Thermal images are also unaffected by bright
light and have the ability to see through atmospheric
obstructions such as smoke, dust, and light fog. This
makes it an ideal technology for many applications,
including surveillance and security, search and rescue,
fire, marine and land navigation, wide area situational
assessment and much more

12μm VOx Thermal Imager
The Neptune’s LWIR sensor options use a
cutting-edge 12μm VOx uncooled sensor, giving
the camera a narrower field of view without
changing the lens. The smaller 12μm pixel pitch
achieves a 40% further range than 17μm sensors
or 200% further range than older 25μm sensors.
The high-sensitivity sensor detects differences
in temperature as small as ±0.05°C, and its
no‑maintenance VOx design, unlike other
thermal cores, is self healing and resistant to
solar damage.

275mm MWIR Cooled Thermal
The Neptune’s longest range thermal option is
our 14X zoom 19-275mm cooled MWIR thermal
module with detection distances of up to 20km
and a 28.4°–2.0° Horizontal FOV.

Military Grade Gyro Stablization EO/IR PTZ Multi Sensor IP 67 275mm 20km Thermal Camera 49x VIS/NIR
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