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Key Specifications
Infiniti''s Neptune is a Gyro Stabilized Military Grade Multi-Sensor PTZ Camera System designed for mobile and marine applications.

MWIR 14x SD/HD Cooled Thermal 20km
MWIR Cooled Thermal Detector
Infiniti’s 15μm 640×480 cooled thermal sensors use integrated cryo-coolers to chill the sensors down to -196°C, increasing the sensitivity of the sensor and allowing smaller and more powerful lenses than uncooled LWIR cameras.

Indium Antimonide Cooled Thermal Sensor
14X Continuous Zoom Lens
We pair the cooled sensor with our 19–275mm ƒ5.5 zoom lens, offering a 28.4°–2.0° HFOV and long-range detection of thermal targets up to 20km away with HD options.

LWIR Uncooled Thermal 27~75mm Zoom
LWIR VOx Thermal Imager
Infiniti uses cutting-edge 12μm LWIR VOx uncooled thermal sensors with resolutions of 384×288, 640×512 or 1280×1024 HD. The 12μm pixel pitch is able to achieve 40% further range than 17μm sensors.

Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Thermal Sensor
We pair the uncooled VOx core with our precision-engineered 26–75mm germanium lens, boasting an industry-leading ƒ/1.0 aperture, offering a 16.8°–5.9° HFOV and long-range detection of thermal targets up to 6.8km away.*

ZLID Zoom Laser IR Illumination
See in the Dark with ZLID™
IR illumination allows for detailed video when there
isn’t enough natural light, however common IR LED
illuminators have very limited ranges. For long-range
illumination, a laser is needed. Many laser illuminators
overexpose the center of the screen and leave the
edges dark. Infiniti’s ZLID (Zoom Laser IR Diode)
technology synchronizes the IR intensity and area
illumination with the zoom lens for outstanding active
IR performance, eliminating over-exposure, washout,
and hot-spots for clear images in complete darkness.

VIS/NIR Optical Camera
Infiniti’s VIS/NIR zoom cameras utilize the visible and
near-infrared bands of light to provide high-quality
images optimized for long-range surveillance. They are
designed to provide industry-leading performance and
quality, with image resolutions ranging from HD 2MP
(1080p) to UltraHD 4K/8MP

Continuous Zoom Lenses
The Neptune’s precision engineered IR-corrected zoom
lenses offer a wide range of focal lengths with zoom
factors from 22X up to 49X optical zoom. Infiniti’s zoom
optics are built with the highest quality Japanese fluorite ELD low dispersion glass, and the integrated rapid auto focus allows long-range surveillance of targets without operator intervention


Infrared Thermal HD MWIR/LWIR Cooled/Uncooled Thermal Gyro Stablization IP 67 Marine EOIR PTZ Camera
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