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Key Specifications
VEGA-2075-1200-CTZ-HD-GS -Infiniti Electro Optics

The Vega is a revolutionary HD multi-sensor PTZ camera boasting a long-range 135X visible day/night camera, long-range thermal infrared zoom, and optional ZLID NIR illumination with LRF. This multi-sensor payload enables the Vega to provide HD imaging in virtually any environment from heavy fog to complete darkness with 55km rated vehicle detection.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Long-Range Military Grade Multi-Sensor PTZ
  • 135x 15.7~2075mm zoom lens for 20°–0.15° Horizontal
  • 1280×1024 10μm, 30Hz X-Hot Cooled Thermal Sensor
  • 10μm Pixel Pitch Provides 50% range than 15μm Sensors
  • 115–1200mm ƒ4.0 Auto-Focus Germanium Thermal Lens (6.4–0.61° HFOV)
  • 20,000+ Hour Lifetime Cyrogenic Cooler
  • 30km of Human Detection and 55km of Vehicle Detection*
  • MIL-STD-810F, -50°–+65°C and IP66/67
  • Elliptical Synchronous Drive, Gyro-Stabilized
  • 360° Rotation Pan/Tilt Speeds 0.001–110°/s
  • 0.00036° Resolution with Zero Backlash
  • 1535nm 23km Rated LRF with 50~250mm Range Accuracy using InGaAs Detector

X-Hot Cooled Thermal Core

The X-Hot is revolutionary technology that is

based on a superlattice design which runs at significantly higher temperatures than InSb and MCT, greatly reducing the workload of the cryo cooler. This extends cooler lifetime and minimizes

required maintenance.

HD 10μm Pixel Pitch with 1200mm lens

The 1280×1024 HD sensor is four times the resolution of a typical SD 640×512 camera, providing a both wider field of view as well as increased detail for improved situational awareness. Its 10μm pixel pitch provides 50% more pixels on target than a 15μm pixel

pitch sensor. A 1200mm lens on a 10μm sensor is equivalent to an 1800mm lens on a 15μm sensor,It offers a 6.4° to 0.61° field of view for both wide-angle viewing as well as extreme long-range detection. The large diameter f/4.0 lens collects nearly twice as much thermal energy as a smaller f/5.5 lens.

Low Backlash Military-Grade Positioner

The Vega uses a weapons-grade positioner designed for military applications and is ruggedized to withstand shock and vibration for use on tanks and navy vessels. This pan/tilt delivers high torque to handle large payloads up to 100kg with achievable speeds from

0.001°/sec to 115°/sec and an accuracy of 0.05°.

HD IR Thermal Camera 1200mm zoom lens 50km Gyro Stabilized MIL-810-STD PTZ with 135X Zoom Day Camera
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